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Petrokeramika has told FAS

Management of Federal antimonopoly service across Leningrad region (Leningrad UFAS) has brought action in Open Company relation Lenstrojkeramika branch Groups LSR to signs of infringement of article 10 FZ About competition protection . Antimonopoly investigation is raised under the statement of the manufacturer porizovannogo Joint-Stock Company brick Petrokeramika accusing Lenstrojkeramiku in reduction of deliveries of raw materials (cambrian clay) for brick manufacture that has led to a stop of its factory.
on February, 18th, 2009 the commission Leningrad UFAS will consider the case raised under the statement from the manufacturer porizovannogo of a brick of Joint-Stock Company Petrokeramika with the complaint to Open Company actions Lenstrojkeramika being the supplier of a raw basis for brick manufacture. Lenstrojkeramika A monopolist in sphere of extraction and realisation cambrian glin (belongs two open-cast mines the Red Pine forest and Nikolsky in Tosnensky area of Leningrad region), from the middle of December of last year has reduced volumes of deliveries of raw materials to the enterprise Petrokeramiki in connection with breakage necessary for extraction of clay of the equipment on one of the two open-cast mines. According to the general director Petrokeramiki Sergey Petrov, reduction of deliveries has led at first to sharp decrease in outputs, and then - to a full stop of works at the enterprise. they suggested us to deliver a quarter from the necessary volume of raw materials. But our factory cannot work on such volume - he adds. By its estimations, losses from idle time of the enterprise since January of this year have made 15 - 20 million roubles.

we were surprised with the statement Petrokeramiki In UFAS as clay delivery to this consumer did not stop, we only have been compelled to reduce volumes of deliveries to 30 percent, - the managing director of Open Society " confirms; Victory LSR (brick manufacture Groups LSR ) Sergey Begoulev. - the management Statement Petrokeramiki looks even more discouraging and consequently that this factory itself has stopped to choose clay on our open-cast mine still in the end of the last year that suggests that the reference in UFAS - the distracting maneuver, called to justify an enterprise stop in connection with a pitiable financial position . However, Sergey Petrov has declared that did not plan intends to reduce the planned volume of output of a brick, despite reduction in demand for a building material.

according to the consulting company the Decision the basic manufacturers porizovannogo a ceramic stone and krupnoformatnyh blocks in region are Open Society Victory LSR (85 million pieces), Petrokeramika (more than 55 million pieces). Some share of production is imported into Petersburg and Leningrad region from other regions, in particular, by the company Viniberger (to 15 million pieces of a brick). Thus, the market porizovannogo a brick makes more than 150 million pieces of a conditional brick - the general director of Joint-Stock Company " speaks; the Decision Alexander Batushansky. Upon it has turned out that LSR has excluded one of players of the market, - Evgenie Botka, the general director of Joint-Stock Company " makes comments; Agency of the building information . - However I doubt that the company will get into scandal to clean the competitor, which and so does not prevent to live to it . According to Alexander Batushansky, a stop Petrokeramiki in existing conditions of reduction of the market of significant influence on the market will not render. Besides, it is rather probable that

Petrokeramika will undertake efforts on change of the supplier glin - he speaks. However, the mister Batushansky notices that, besides two open-cast mines LSR, clay, suitable for brick manufacture, the factory open-cast mine " extracts; the Standard entering into holding The standard - LenspetsSMU . However, as have noted yesterday in the company, all extraction of clay is directed on satisfaction of own needs.

till now the loudest trial between the supplier and the raw materials consumer in Leningrad region was between the enterprise Pikalevsky cement belonging Eurocement grup and Pikalevsky aluminous factory entering in Bazeltsement . After Pikalevsky alumina it was closed on reconstruction and has ceased to deliver raw materials to Pikalevsky cement last has put in the statement en face Russia which recognised antimonopoly law infringement (point 1 of article 10 FZ About competition protection ) from structure Bazeltsementa .