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Crisis forces to appreciate the employer

a labour market

Against crisis the population of Russia has started to appreciate more the work, the salary and is more critical to concern colleagues, follows from the research spent by the company EKOPSI Consulting in February, 2009. Experts EKOPSI have compared the obtained data to the data of research of March, 2008. According to processing of questionnaires more than 2 thousand respondents of analytics have revealed an unexpected tendency: the estimations, which employees give to the employers, became more positive (on the average on 9,4 %), and estimations of employees in the relation each other - more critical. Satisfaction of employees level of the incomes has on the average raised on 21 % that in EKOPSI name huge jerk - earlier this indicator did not exceed 3 - 5 %. On 12 % the estimation of justice employees of received compensation (the schedule see) has increased. Observing of destiny of less successful colleagues which on a crisis wave have lost work, people have started to appreciate that have more. Financial appetites of many employees against crisis also became more modest - from here an appreciation of justice of compensation and satisfaction in its size - the senior adviser " speaks; EKOPSI Consulting Andrey Onuchin. He notices that earlier even in the companies paying work of employees above an average on the market, on these parametres the underestimated estimations, now a situation " were usually fixed; it is levelled .

General director Penny Lane Personnel Tatyana Doljakova marks: practice buyings up employees by the companies since autumn of 2009 it is suspended: the Bonus or higher salary now it is very difficult to entice someone. The employee changes a work place only under condition of reduction, dismissal or the serious conflict . It reminds that on new places the employer offers level of salaries more low on 15 - 20 %. According to poll EKOPSI, the average level of loyalty of employees has grown since March on 7 %. The Chief executive of consulting company AXES Management Denis Mashkov explains the raised loyalty to the employer and compensation for work as growing risks of dismissal. Thus the personnel became is more critical to concern colleagues: mutual relations in the company as a whole began to estimate worse, reduction has made 5,64 %. Workplaces becomes less, the competition amplifies, heads start to look narrowly more captiously at the subordinates - analysts EKOPSI mark.