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The Central Bank has attached state support

Bank of Russia has removed restrictions on placing by banks of available means on corresponding accounts in banks - counterparts. Thus, the Central Bank actually recognised that has reconciled to unwillingness of banks to spend the means received from it for crediting of the enterprises. And to reduce risks of loss of means of state support, the regulator stimulates their storage on accounts in the most reliable banks. Accumulation of the state support received by banks on accounts in the State Banks at outflow of means from accounts of other credit organisations becomes result of actions of the Central Bank.
According to operating edition of the instruction 110 - And About obligatory specifications of banks specification 6 limits credit risks of banks on one borrower or group of the connected borrowers. The specification pays off as the relation of the given out credits to own capital of bank. Thus it is considered that, placing means for corresponding accounts in banks - counterparts, banks bear the same credit risks, as well as at delivery of interbank credits. For their minimisation bankers should include the means placed on corresponding accounts of each of counterparts in calculation of specification 6.

the Bank of Russia has informed on cancellation of restrictions yesterday on an official site. The corresponding decision of board of directors of the Central Bank was accepted on February, 9th, amendments are directed on registration to Ministry of Justice. After changes will come into force, banks can place almost all means for a corresponding account in one bank. Now, not to break the specification, they are compelled to break great sums between several banks. considering that the capital of the majority of banks of times in ten is less than actives to observe the specification, to place in one bank it is possible only from 2,5 % to 5 % of actives. It compels the banks supporting superfluous liquidity, to distribute the rests on corresponding accounts in five or even ten banks - the director financially - analytical department SB of Bank Alexey Koltyshev explains. From the beginning of crisis the Bank of Russia has directed to bank system only in a kind bezzalogovyh credits 1,9 trln rbl. Besides, banks received state support in a kind subordinirovannyh credits, credits on the security of actives and so forth By data for January, 1st, the sum of the general requirements of Bank of Russia to banks was estimated in 3,9 trln rbl. It was supposed that state support means should allow to banks to solve problems with liquidity and to begin economy crediting. However it has not occurred - officials continue to criticise banks that they block means in bank system.

the majority interrogated Participants of the market considers that in the conditions of crisis banks use a new indulgence to consolidate available superfluous liquidity on corresponding accounts in the most reliable, that is the state banks. and the regulator to it pushes unambiguously them - the chief accountant of bank from the Top - 100 considers. Actually the Bank of Russia has reacted to a current situation when banks prefer not to finance real sector, and to accumulate the liquidity received from a regulator, - the company partner " speaks; BDO Unikon Denis Taradov. - Considering restrictions on placing of means in one bank, to store them in the most reliable credit organisations it turns out not always that increases risks of loss of these means. On minimisation of such risks regulator actions " also are directed;. The State Banks thus will even more raise the liquidity.

One more purpose which can pursue the innovation offered the Central Bank, - to improve transportation by banks of means of state support to real sector, the chief accountant of bank " assumes; Uralsib Yury Petuhov. when the big bank credit stands out to the client at whom the account in small bank it arrives into account LORO opened by this bank at a creditor bank, - is spoken by the banker. - the existing procedure of payments of specification 6 complicates carrying out of the considerable sums of credits to the enterprises . According to mister Petuhova, from an innovation will win also bank groups which can use possibility of free migration of monetary streams in group for support of weak participants of holding by the strong.

however in liberalisation of requirements of the Central Bank there is a number of the negative moments. Participants of the market specify in risks of concentration of means in one source that in case of, for example, technical failures can provoke system neprovedenie payments. In addition those credit organisations to which should leave this liquidity will suffer from a liquidity overflow in the State Banks. However, the offered Central Banks of an indulgence have restrictions. not reduced under contracts between banks the rests, and also those means, which Central Banks classifies as such rests, banks should I will consider at calculation of specification 6, - the director of department of bank audit FBK Alexey Terekhov marks. - to concentrate on one corresponding account it will be possible only those means which are intended for calculations, thus the Central Bank tries to stimulate not speculative use of the state support received by banks .