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The new scheme of leaving from the tax specialist

Yesterday it became known about new scandal round appointment fulfilling duties of head UFNS of Dagestan of Vladimir Radchenko. The order according to which mister Radchenko has been employed in republican tax service has been excellent. Besides, agents of national security have called into question validity of excitation of criminal case about threat by murder to mister Radchenko and its abduction. Protection of the tax specialist achieves transfer of business from Dagestan to Moscow. And he asserts that has been dismissed from service backdating.
at the Dagestan forums on the Internet the photocopy of the document from February, 6th behind number 02 - 05 under the name " yesterday has been hung out; the Bases of cancellation of the order of management FNS of Russia on Republic Dagestan from 06. 02. 2009 N 04 - 02/ 184 About Radchenko V. M`s appointment ., chief of the department Magomedom Gusejnovym signed to fulfilling duty. In it it was informed that appointment of mister Radchenko to a post of the chief of department of registration and the account of tax bearers UFNS (this very day it has been appointed and. An island of the head of tax service of republic) was not it is finished and the office contract with it did not consist. There was it because mister Radchenko has not written the application with the request for receipt on civil service and post replacement in UFNS, has not given there the passport, the work record card, the document on formation, and so forth Besides it had no data on incomes the right of priority for appointment to the post of the chief of department of registration and the account: in management reorganisation and reduction of shots was spent and heads of three abolished departments and the deputy chief of department of registration applied for the given post. They, as consider in UFNS, had the right of priority on heading registration department. As a result the order on appointment of mister Radchenko as the chief of department UFNS has been excellent. Issue transfer of mister Radchenko from FNS in UFNS Dagestan could not, because recently it in tax service did not work. Anyway after cancellation of the order on acceptance of mister Radchenko for work in UFNS it cannot supervise over the given service any more.

mister Radchenko has preferred not to make comments on the order on the dismissal, having come out only with the assumption that it has been published backdating. I advise to you to address about it in management - the document there is accepted, it and to make comments - he has told. In a press - service UFNS to make comments on the order did not become. Thus mister Radchenko has confirmed that is valid last years was not on civil service, and was engaged private business .

From the short biography sent in mister Radchenko. Radchenko Vladimir Mihajlovich - 1968 year of birth, higher education, has a class rank of the state adviser of the Russian Federation 3 - go a class. Has ended two higher educational institutions on a speciality the economist and the lawyer . After the institute termination worked only in tax departments. Labour activity of the beginnings in 1991. Has passed a way from the tax inspector, the chief of inspection under city taxes and tax collections (since 1993) to the chief of the department of the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection of Russia across Karachaevo - Circassian Republic (from the beginning of 2001 for 2005). In April, 2005 it is translated by the head of inter-regional inspection of Federal tax service on the largest tax bearers N of 4 of Moscow. From - for the developed family circumstances from service it is dismissed at own will in 2005. For merits in professional work of Radchenko of Century of M. It is awarded by the certificate of honour of the Ministry of the Russian Federation under taxes and tax collections, the distinction the Honourable worker of the Ministry of the Russian Federation under taxes and tax collections and numerous thanks. For an operating time of collectings had no.

about, whether any new decision of appointment of the head of Dagestan management FNS is accepted, mister Radchenko does not have any information. the order on my appointment and. About the head of department has been published by head FNS Michael Mokretsovym - mister Radchenko has noted. He on - former is compelled to care of the safety (according to the interlocutor it is outside of Dagestan, however prefers not to concretise the site). According to Vladimir Radchenko, last days with it no investigatory actions on the criminal case raised upon its abduction from building UFNS past Friday and threats by murder were spent. I do not have absolutely any data about at what stage there is a consequence - Vladimir Radchenko has told. On the request to comment on the messages of the Dagestan agents of national security calling into question validity of excitation of criminal case published in electronic mass-media (ostensibly it have got without due dosledstvennoj checks), mister Radchenko has answered shortly: Without comments .

In turn, the lawyer of mister Radchenko Murad Kahrimanov has told that while the consequence has not allowed an occasion to doubt the objectivity, nevertheless he already prepares the petition for transfer of criminal case for the further investigation from Dagestan to Moscow.

; JULIA - the BIG FISH, Makhachkala