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To the president have given short Council

In the Presidential Council on assistance to development of institutes of a civil society and the human rights which structure Dmitry Medvedev has confirmed the decree on February, 10th, it has not appeared registered in the preliminary list of the lawyer of Elena Lukjanovoj. For councillors it has appeared unexpectedness, and its chairman Ella Pamfilova has explained absence of madam Lukjanovoj a hardware defect . Elena Lukjanova considers what strike off the list it could from - for left views or Vladislav Surkova`s personal relation .
Elena Lukjanova - the doctor of jurisprudence, the professor of faculty of law of the Moscow State University of M.V.Lomonosova. The daughter of the chairman of the Supreme body of the USSR of Anatoly Lukjanova which with 1993 for 2003 was the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. Madam Lukjanova - a member of the Moscow city committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the candidate in members of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. In 2003 protected eks - the president of Open Company YUKOS - Moscow Vasily Shahnovsky on the case of illegality of its appointment as the representative of parliament Evenkii in Council of Federation. Protected interests of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in party claims to the Central election committee about cancellation of results of parliamentary elections in 2003 and 2007.

about Elena Lukjanovoj`s absence in the updated structure of the Presidential Council have informed at once some councillors. For them it became unexpectedness. So, the chairman of public organisation National anticorruption committee Cyril Kabanov has declared that a problem that the situation is discussed, and decisions it is then accepted not we. I asked Ella Pamfilovu who will be in council. Among the named candidates there was also Elena Lukjanova . The chairman of the Moscow Helsinki group Lyudmila Alekseeva about absence of madam Lukjanovoj in the list has learnt from the correspondent : I do not know that has occurred. But Elena Lukjanovoj`s nominee was discussed by us and has been entered in the list .

Head of the all-Russian social movement Civil advantage Ella Pamfilova who has headed council at the president, made comments on a situation carefully enough. probably, complexities with Elena Lukjanovoj`s nominee were through my fault, I am simple is hardware have underfulfilled, - madam Pamfilova " has told; . - We will co-operate with it anyway. It would be desirable, that it co-operated not only with council, but also with those people from whom depends more than on me. I hope that the structure will be corrected still and Lena will be included into council .

Today when, according to madam Pamfilovoj, it was possible to collect liberal minority, legal experts, which want and can work on a uniform platform to agree with the president, it is necessary to finish a problem work at least till the spring, When we have agreed again to meet the president .

According to Elena Lukjanovoj, about difficulties with its inclusion in structure of council she has learnt in January at a meeting with Ella Pamfilovoj. In November of last year she has suggested me to enter into council. Persuaded me as my nominee was offered by many councillors, - she has told - and in January has told that there are difficulties, even has asked, who can brake . After a meeting madam Lukjanova has left in business trip to Japan, and after returning has learnt that has not got to council. In its opinion, explanations to it can be only two: or someone does not like its left views, or it is the initiative of the first deputy of head of the Office of the President Vladislav Surkova against which it has acted in 2006. We will remind that then she together with the lawyer of Union of Right Forces Vadim Prokhorov has addressed in the State Office of Public Prosecutor with the request to check up legality Uses of advantage of the official position in interests of party an United Russia the assistant to the head of the Office of the President Vladislav Surkovym . The State Office of Public Prosecutor, signed by the assistant to Public prosecutor Alexey Pukhov then has answered that the Kremlin administration is not included into its jurisdiction as is not body executive or legislature, and check has not been spent. However, according to madam Lukjanovoj, to it it was necessary to sustain strong pressure: from different directions asked to take away business .

In Presidential Administration have explained what to change lists of members of social councils it is almost impossible . As employees of the administration have told, the developed practice is that: at first lists of candidates make in the social council, here Ella Pamfilova was engaged in it. Then candidates are co-ordinated with the assistant to the head of administration supervising a question (in this case with Vladislav Surkovym) or the assistant to the president. Then they are vised by the head of administration, and together with its representation or the project of the decree lists go for the signature to the president. On a question whether the surname of any candidate from lists after the signature of the head of the Office of the President can disappear, the answer was that: Hypothetically can, if there will be an additional information . The matter is that criteria of selection are not registered anywhere, there can be everything, including personal motives - have told in the Kremlin.