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Cover for drug dealers

the sentence is pronounced to the chief of narcopolice of October area of Ufa to major David Tuhvatullinu who was accused of abusing powers. Under the version of the investigation, it from personal interest has suppressed the fact of exposure of drug dealers and has released suspects. Major Tuhvatullin who has not recognised the fault, has received two years in a colony - settlement. Most likely, condemned will appeal against against the sentence.
as has informed yesterday the senior assistant administrator of investigatory management of investigatory committee (SOU SK) at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across Bashkiria Svetlana Abramova, on February, 8th the October regional court of Ufa recognised as guilty were under a subscription about nevyezde 36 - the summer major of narcopolice David Tuhvatullina on p.1 item 285 of the criminal code of Russian Federation Abusing powers of office . The court has counted proved by Office of Public Prosecutor the fact of deliberate concealment of the grave crime connected with a drug trafficking.

Major Tuhvatullin heads branch on struggle against a drug trafficking of the Department of Internal Affairs on October area of Ufa since 2006. According to madam Abramovoj, in October of last year in its branch the information that two local gipsies (persons are not disclosed) are engaged in narcobusiness has arrived, and houses at them the large party of narcotics is stored. To them the operative group has been directed. During searches on apartment of gipsies drugs (which and how many it is not informed) which have withdrawn have really been found, as well as it is necessary, in the presence of understood. Then field investigators have detained suspects and delivered them in branch.

narcopolicemen were going to transfer search materials in a call centre for logging of the account of crimes so that corresponding criminal case has been then brought. However, under the version of the investigation, major Tuhvatullin has selected these materials then has ordered to deliver arrested persons to itself in an office at field investigators. About what gipsies talked to the chief of narcopolice, it is not known, but after conversation they left branch and have disappeared in an unknown direction.

article for bribe reception did not appear in criminal case of the major. The consequence suspected that it could receive any money from arrested persons, but could not collect proofs to it. In the bill of particulars of action of the chief of narcopolice were characterised by a phrase from personal interest without any decoding.

major Tuhvatullina have exposed soon after disappearance of suspected gipsies. As madam Abramova has told, in management of own safety (USB) the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia across Bashkiria the operative information on illegal action of the militian official has arrived. Employees USB together with SOU SK have inspected, excitation concerning major Tuhvatullina of criminal case became which result. To discharge of its post did not become. After on it have opened case, it took the sick-list and since then did not appear in the office. Upon withdrawal at gipsies of drugs after check criminal case on ch nevertheless has been brought. 2 items 228 of the criminal code of Russian Federation Illegal storage of narcotics .

Recognizing major Tuhvatullina guilty, the court in spite of the fact that incriminated to the chief of narcopolice article provides till four years of imprisonment, has appointed to it twice smaller term in a colony - settlement. Possibly, positive characteristics of the defendant about work places, and also its services in battle have been considered - the major is the participant of military operations in flashpoints and even has government awards. Condemned has been detained in a court hall.

Yesterday its lawyer was inaccessible to comments. Considering that that major Tuhvatullin during process the fault did not recognise, it is possible to assume that it will appeal against against the sentence. In Office of Public Prosecutor before to make the decision on the appeal, intend to study a sentence in details. As Svetlana Abramova has informed the senior assistant administrator of SOU SK, now investigation on business of gipsies proceeds, and they are wanted.