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Eleks - the Pole leaves salons

Dealer holding Eleks - the Pole has sounded a total sum of the debt - 8 mlrd rbl. - at a meeting with creditor banks. The co-owner Eleks - Poles Igor Lisjutin has promised to extinguish debts all actives of the company which before crisis were estimated in 16 mlrd rbl. the Autodealer, not managed to prolong contracts with the basic suppliers, including with AvtoVAZom, sells the rests from warehouses and closes salons.
about the meeting which has passed on February, 12th, the representative of one of banks - participants has told. In total, as he said, in a meeting participated more than 10 banks, the largest creditors from which Savings Bank, Nomos - bank, Gazbank, bank St.-Petersburg Novikombank, the First incorporated bank, National trading bank. the general published debt of the dealer to creditor banks makes approximately 8 mlrd rbl. - he has added. Representative Nomos - bank has confirmed that the delayed debts Eleks - Poles before its bank Irina Kibina has reached 400 million rbl. the Director of Communications Department of the Savings Bank has refused to make comments on relations of bank with Eleksom but the source close to bank, asserts that the amount of debt makes an order of 500 million rbl. to Receive comments of other banks - participants last night it was not possible. The sum of the general debt was confirmed with a source in the companies and a top - the manager of other federal dealer network.

the general director and the co-owner Eleks - Poles Igor Lisjutin has confirmed that with banks negotiations are now carried on for debts re-structuring. I am ready to trade in to repayment banks all actives of the company. Now in salons the rests are sold, and they are gradually closed. About the further destiny Eleks - Poles to speak difficult - mister Lisjutin has commented. The Total sum of a debt and cost of actives he has refused to name. A source in the Autovase asserts that before crisis cost of actives of the dealer (motor shows and grounds) made an order 16 mlrd rbl., from them actives on 8 mlrd rbl. were in pledge at banks.

group Eleks - the Pole (on 51 % belongs to concern of Autovases) is engaged in sale and a car rent, supervises 24 dealer centres in Moscow, Petersburg, Tolyatti, Ufa, Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Nizhni Novgorod and Ulyanovsk. A gain in 2007 - $570 - 630 million

In the end of the last year, the dealer contract with Eleks - the Pole for 2009 have refused to prolong concerns JUICE, Sollers TagAZ. Mister Lisjutin then spoke that in new year the Autovase " stakes on production; Which sales of marks occupied 70 % of a gain of the dealer. But last week and Autovases has broken off the dealer contract with the a daughter having explained it to that this company is in predbankrotnom a condition (see from February, 11th). Yesterday a press - the secretary the Autovase Natalia Sidoruk has refused to make comments on a situation with Eleksom . the Rate on one supplier is big risk when the dealer gets to dependence. Now cars Lada are not the most demanded, even in the conditions of crisis - the operating director of YOKES " considers; Russian investors Alexey Semenov.

According to the company report Inkom - the Harmony for III quarter 2008, a share Eleks - Poles in the market of Moscow on sales of mark Lada made 11 %, GAS - 4 %, Daewoo - 16 %, Hyundai - 3 %, UAZ - 15 %, Fiat - 8 %. Eleks - the Pole it was always positioned as one of the largest independent dealers the Autovase with good predstavlennostju in Moscow. I hope that they will not repeat history Inkom - a car - analyst IFK " considers; Metropol Michael Pak. The co-owner of holding Genser Igor Ponomarev has estimated that on Eleks - the Pole and Inkom - a car totally it was necessary about 20 % of commodity market Lada in Moscow.