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The offshore knight has got on financial frauds

the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA (SEC) has accused large American businessman Robert Allen Stenforda of swindle. The companies of mister Stenforda involved investors with the promise of ultrahigh profitableness to the American measures. The payments had time to receive a part of clients, however SEC asserts that last weeks mister Stenford tried to curtail investment activity and to deduce means.
after two months after disclosing of $50 - Bernard Medoffa`s SEC milliard financial pyramid has accused large businessman Robert Allen Stenforda and its three companies in creation of the roguish scheme for a total sum $8 billion

Magazine Forbes estimates Robert Allen Stenforda`s condition in $2,2 mlrd, in 2008 in rating Forbes of 400 richest Americans it has occupied 205 - e a place. Actives of all financial group 58 - summer Allen Stenforda are estimated in $51 billion In 2006 Allen Stenford on representation of the government of Antigua and Barbuda has been devoted in knights for merits before a society and development of economy of the island state becoming the first American - the knight of Antigua and Barbuda. The companies of mister Stenforda actively participate in sponsor`s activity in such sports, as tennis, a golf, cricket, polo and yachting.

as they say in statement SEC, mister Stenford and the Texas financial companies Stanford Group Company supervised by him (SGC), Stanford Capital Management, and also registered to Antigua Stanford International Bank (SIB) have sold to clients depositary certificates for a total sum of $8 mlrd, promising on these papers improbably high percent - in two - three times above, than on the average on the market. So, for example, SIB informed clients that profitableness of its depositary certificates made from 11 % to 16 % annual thanking diversifitsirovannomu to an investment portfolio . Some clients SIB really had time to receive such income under certificates. However, as confirms SEC referring to one of respondents, directors for investments SIB of Loru Pendergest - Holt, investments SIB did not differ such degree of a diversification that in a reality to differ so high profitableness. In 2005 SIB has sold 35 thousand clients depositary certificates for the sum of $3,8 mlrd, and by the end of 2007 - 50 thousand clients for a total sum $6,7 billion Thus as confirms SEC, last weeks SIB began to turn off actively the activity and has made some attempts of a conclusion of means from the investment portfolio. The commission has received the information specifying that only last two weeks SIB tried to deduce from the accounts more than $178 million .

According to the American mass-media, mister Stenford and its companies have spent some millions dollars for lobbying in the congress of bills on easing of control over offshore banks. Thus Allen Stenforda`s companies have divisions in the several Latin American countries - Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia. After charges SEC the Panama authorities have already taken over the control of local branch Stanford Financial Group. And yesterday financial regulators of Colombia have informed that to local broker division Stanford International Bank will forbid to trade at the Colombian stock exchange. To Antigua for which economic development Allen Stenford has received a knightly rank, according to Reuters, yesterday about 600 investors SIB were built in turn at local branch to take away the contributions.