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If it was made by somebody of us, let will be prokljat

In the Moscow district military court with last word yesterday have acted accused of observer murder the New newspaper Annas Politkovsky. Anybody from them has not pled guilty. Defendants asserted that not less native the lost journalist are interested in search of true criminals made bloody evil deed . Accused asked jurymen to take out fair and fair a sentence.
after performance in remarks of the parties where charge and protection once again have short announced the arguments resulted during process, judge Evgenie Zubov declared closing of debate. and now last word is given to defendants - he has told. The first a word took the lieutenant colonel of FSB of the Russian Federation Pavel Rjaguzov accused in an accompanying crime - Beating of the head of travel agency Jumanji - Trevel Edward Ponikarova in July, 2002.

our meeting here comes to an end, - it has from apart begun. - for this purpose not so approaching, and an occasion, it is necessary to recognise a place, disgusting . Having thanked after that all participants of process for patience and the shown attention to business he has once again tried to deny charge arguments.

It is said that on October, 4th, 2006 I met Sergey Hadzhikurbanovym and others at restaurant Napoleon where drank vodka and discussed forthcoming murder, - Pavel Rjaguzov has reminded of the version of the charge which have been put forward already at the closing stage of court. - fables any! And about vodka I will tell that we with Sergey (Hadzhikurbanovym. - ) vodka not only from crystal wine-glasses drank, but still earlier and from aluminium mugs (in the war in the Chechen Republic. - ). It is possible to tell much about Sergey who released boy Sharon . He meant participation of the former field investigator of Ministry of Internal Affairs Hadzhikurbanova in known special action of 2000 on rescue grasped in hostages 13 - summer Adi Sharon. But judge Zubov has made a sign a hand that the defendant did not disclose the data about the person of the accomplice that is forbidden in a jury by the law.

it not television show, and the present life, - has continued, addressing to jurymen, lieutenant colonel Rjaguzov. - the Purpose of my criminal prosecution - any way to leave me behind a lattice, at any cost to achieve a verdict of guilty. To brothers of Mahmudovym and Hadzhikurbanovu of years on 20 will give, and me a tchervonets, and gradually people will forget about this business. Will tell that it is opened and that there even any feesbeshnik was . And then, Pavel Rjaguzov, anybody already " considers; not begins to search for Anna Politkovsky`s real murderers .

Then, having thought, the lieutenant colonel has added: If me and Sergey will condemn, it will be not clear how to catch terrorists. How to struggle with them? So, giving a toast in Day of the defender of Fatherland - on February, 23rd, remember those who provides your rest and who cares of your safety!

acted trace Sergey Hadzhikurbanov and brothers of Ibragim and Dzhabrail Mahmudovy accused accordingly in the organisation of murder of Anna Politkovsky and participation in this crime, were laconic. They have asked court to take out fair and weighed a sentence. Thus brothers of Mahmudovy have noticed that yours faithfully concerned the lost journalist and her death " in any way could not wish;. If it was made by somebody of us, let will be prokljat - defendant Dzhabrail Mahmudov has declared. Let`s remind that performed by a crime the third of brothers of Mahmudovyh, Rustam who is wanted is accused. And already addressing to Anna Politkovsky`s children, has added: Mother is sacred and consequently I would like that you have achieved true, having learnt, who has killed her .

After defendants have finished the performances and judge Zubov has released jurymen, the secretary of judicial session has distributed to the parties the list of questions which it is necessary to answer jurymen at verdict removal. From 17 questions 7 the others concerned an episode connected with beating of Edward Ponikarova, and - with Anna Politkovsky`s murder. In the latter case jurymen were offered to answer a question: whether took a place crime event - Anna Politkovsky`s murder on October, 7th, 2006? then necessary nine questions - on three on each of accused. Namely whether participated such - that the defendant in the given crime and whether it is guilty of it? And if it is guilty, deserves or not indulgences?

after the parties have stated the wishes and additions to the questionnaire, judge Zubov has declared that will consider them on Thursday. It is supposed that the verdict on the case of Anna Politkovsky`s murder can be taken out already today.