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The left could not

the Leader of the Italian opposition Walter Veltroni on Tuesday has informed on the leaving from a post of the head of left-centrist Democratic party. The main opponent of prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has been compelled to take this step after a train of annoying defeats: in the spring of last year levotsentristy have lost parliamentary elections, and then have started to lose positions on places. The victory of the right candidate during recent elections to Sardinia became for mister Veltroni last drop. let`s cease harm to itself. I leave to rescue the project in which I always trusted - the leader of Democratic party of Italy Walter Veltroni has declared, informing members of the same party at congress on Tuesday on the resignation from a post of the party leader.
the reasons of the decision mister Veltroni did not name, however it is obvious that to resignation of the former mayor of Rome have pushed unfavourable for levotsentristov results of early election to Sardinia. Voting on this island, taken place in a past week-end, was considered as the original test for trust to Berlusconi`s right-centrist government Silvio, and the prime minister, contrary to forecasts, has passed it. The candidate from party led by Berlusconi freedom People Hugo Kappellachchi has received 52 % of voices whereas the former governor Renato to Rubbish belonging to the left camp, could get support only of 43 % of voters.

still one year ago 54 - summer mister Veltroni was considered as a rising star of the left centre, and many in the country called its Italian Barack Obama. First the leader of the opposition who have acted as the author of the preface of the Italian version of the book of Obama Impudence of hope and the slogan which has borrowed at the American politician Yes, we can! really served as an embodiment of changes in the Italian policy. However after devastating defeat from right led by Silvio Berlusconi on parliamentary elections in the last spring popularity levotsentristov has sharply begun to decline.

blow followed one after another. In the spring of last year during regional elections levotsentristy have lost the power in northern region Friuli - Venice - Julia and that became the biggest unexpectedness, in Rome. Last 15 years voters of the Italian capital traditionally voted to candidates from the left centre, however last year the member " became the mayor of Rome following the results of elections; freedom People Dzhanni Alemanno. In the summer of 2008 the left have lost elections to Sicily, and in December - in region Abrutstso. Thus, Sardinia became already the fifth defeat on Walter Veltroni`s account.

Creating Democratic party with the claim to make its leading political force of Italy, mister Veltroni has cut from it radicals of the left flank. However to consolidate left-centrist forces to it and it was not possible. Not in the last instance constant altercations and numerous corruption scandals in party, and also " became the reason of falling of a rating of Dempartii; garbage crisis in Naples which the left operate last 15 years.

According to sotsoprosu, published this week newspaper La Repubblica, 77 % of Italians have assumed that Dempartii is necessary the new leader. Apparently, after defeat to Sardinia Walter Veltroni was convinced of it also.