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The Perm mayoralty has cooled firemen

Open Company the Perm network company (PSK) will continue to carry out functions uniform teplosbytovoj the companies in Perm at least till the end of this cold season. The decision on it was accepted yesterday at meeting at city - manager Arcady Katz on whom crisis of non-payments for heat deliveries, burst in February was discussed. Manufacturers of heat offer some variants of succession of events - from the organisation of sales of heat independently before change sbytovika. In the latter case functions of the uniform seller teploenergii in Perm can incur Permenergosbyt .
Yesterday the head of administration of Perm Arcady Katz has held meeting with participation of representatives PSK and not dependent from TGK - 9 manufacturers of heat on which variants of the decision of a situation were discussed with non-payments for put teploenergiju. We will remind that past week a battalion Generation of Ural Mountains (Structure KES - Holding, operates PSK and thermal power stations TGK - 9) has informed on the collected debt of management companies of Perm for 2008 at a rate of 758 million rbl. (level of gathering of payments from management companies - 67 %). The basic debtors had been named the management companies entering in NP Association of management companies .

PSK, meanwhile, could not pay off in time with manufacturers of heat at whom, besides thermal power station TGK - 9, buys heat. So, debt PSK to Open Company warm - M (a boiler-house Motor-Vilihinsky factories ) Made about 15 million rbl., a debt to Open Company Perm toplivno - the power company - about 30 million rbl., debts before Open Company Permgazenergoservis (PGES) - 280 million rbl. Manufacturers of heat have in turn run into debt for deliveries of gas, the electric power and water. Management companies the specified debt behind themselves did not recognise, having declared a divergence with PSK in techniques of the account of heat. Crisis of non-payments threatens to pour out in a chain of switching-off which will lead to cold season failure in the regional centre.

the head of Perm Igor Shubin on published Generation of Ural Mountains the information has reacted operatively, having charged city - to the manager it to understand. To yesterday`s meeting to mister Katz a press have not invited. As participants of action have told, the parties have agreed to sign the report which performance will not allow to break a cold season in Perm. In - the first, it agree to it PSK is obliged to pay to owners boiler not less than 80 % of monthly deliveries of energy. Now, under the statement teplovikov, this norm makes 15-50 %. In PSK have promised to answer on this point today. In turn Arcady Katz has promised to influence management companies and also to accelerate passage of payments PSK for heat from the municipal enterprises (their share in consumption teploenergii Perm, by data , makes about 30 %). It is a question that the municipal enterprises even have started to pay in the advance payment for heat - the participant of meeting has told . How city - the manager intends to influence management companies, according to participants of a meeting, the official has not specified.

in Generation of Ural Mountains yesterday could not comment, whether will sign PSK the report, having referred on ostutstvie definitive edition. The source familiar with plans PSK, has only informed: it is important that at meeting gravity of financial problems in calculations with manufacturers of heat from - for non-payments of management companies " has been noted and recognised;. At meeting PSK actually admitted that does not carry out function uniform teplosbyta - general director PGES Denis Ushakov confirms.

also at party meeting have agreed that in a present cold season the Perm network company will continue to carry out functions of the uniform seller teploenergii. But for a season of 2009 2010 mister Katz has suggested owners of boiler-houses to think over the new scheme of realisation of a heat supply.

uniform teplosbytovaja the scheme at which all sales of heat in Perm are carried out through one structure, operates since 2007. This project has been supported by the city authorities as incorporated sale equalised tariffs for all consumers of heat of Perm. The project has been created by two largest suppliers of heat in the regional centre - KES - Holding (through thermal power station TGK - 9 delivers more than 70 % of heat) and PGES. In 2008 other thermal companies have gradually joined the project. Now the uniform seller of heat in a city is PSK, under control KES - to Holding.

as adviser PTEK Pavel Ljah, as a matter of fact, now has told three variants teplosbytovoj politicians in Perm. The first - the uniform seller of heat remains PSK. The second - owners of boiler-houses independently organise sale. The third - change of the marketing company. In PTEK do not speak, what variant it is more preferable. PGES suggests to replace the trader. By data , PGES counts on creation municipal teplosbytovoj the companies which would work under guarantees of city treasury. In Generation of Ural Mountains comments have refused.

the Source in the thermal market of Perm has noticed that functions of the uniform seller of heat could carry out Open Society Permenergosbyt (PES). Now PES it is supervised by the former general director Permenergo Andrey Kitashevym and structures KES. Mister Kitashev has explained that before reforming Permenergo PES was division of the power company and 40 years sold teploenergiju. all question in, whether it will be ready to sell through us TGK - 9, the basic manufacturer of heat in Perm - he has noted.