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Route of consonants

Two were heads of city committee on transport Igor Sasunov and Oleg Borovik, nowadays developing passenger bus transportations in Perm, can render mayoralty service. They are ready to unite the bus actives in an autoalliance to act as the competitor to carriers which have refused to carry passengers under the travel papers which have been let out by the authorities. According to officials, for this purpose 200-300 buses are necessary for them. rebellious carriers declare that are ready to occurrence of competitors.
as has informed a source in the mayoralties of Perm, yesterday the city authorities have carried on negotiations with three owners of the private buses, ready to make a competition to the businessmen, refusing to carry passengers under travel papers. Among businessmen - two eks - the chief of the department of transport of Perm Oleg Borovik and Igor Sasunov, and also the former director NP the Uniform union of carriers Evgenie Friedman. According to the interlocutor in the mayoralty, all three businessmen work for a long time in the market of transportations and can become competitors rebellious to carriers. The source in the mayoralty has added that all three businessmen can unite the transport actives in an autoalliance.

Oleg Borovik, Igor Sasunov and Evgenie Friedman have confirmed the participation in negotiations. According to mister Borovika, now in the market of passenger autotransportations of Perm there was a critical and uncontrollable situation: It is necessary not to be at war, it is necessary to work . Mister Borovik believes that if carriers clashing with officials will have skilled competitors the situation can change. if we decide to unite, it will be a serious counterbalance for operating transport workers - he considers. occurrence of new force which will go on contact to the mayoralty, looks is very illusory. Before while very much - it is very far - mister Sasunov has in turn declared .

What quantity of buses the triumvirate possesses, businessmen do not disclose. According to DDT, now daily on city routes there are 800 buses. The source in the mayoralty considers that operating carriers to new partnership have enough 200-300 cars for a competition. Under the information , misters Borovik, Sasunov and Friedman are ready to deduce on routes buses Skanija assemblages of Sankt - the Petersburg enterprise, MAN the Minsk car factory and LIAZy.

the Protest action of owners of private buses has begun in Perm in a past week-end when the buses belonging to Open Company " have refused to carry exempts; the Car - Lux IP Marinas Odintsovoj and IP Oleg Odintsov, supervising 70 % of transportations of the Kirov area. Transport workers explain the actions by that the mayoralty in 2008 has lowered the sizes of indemnifications of losses and intends to reform branch without their wishes. Also transport workers oppose competition carrying out on which the mayoralty anew will redistribute a routeing network. Competition is supposed to be spent this spring. In the beginning of week the private transport companies serving other areas of Perm have joined the disobedience action some more.

it is necessary to notice that all three businessmen are thoroughly familiar with the market of autotransportations of Perm. Oleg Borovik supervised over committee on transport of administration of Perm from the beginning 2005 - go till December, 2006. Later it developed the logistical project of concern KAMAZ in Perm. By data , now has the partner relation to approximately half of the private enterprises entering in NP the Uniform union of carriers (ESP). Igor Sasunov has replaced mister Borovika on a post of the chief of the department, he has been invited to work in the mayoralty as a carrier and one of heads NP avtolikon . In December, 2008 mister Sasunov has left at own will. Evgenie Friedman with 2005 - go for 2007 was a top - manager ESP. Last two years it supervised over Open Company UK the Phoenix also has concentrated on work under state orders of the mayoralty of Perm, in particular, its cars transport brigades first aid .

the Carriers, refused to carry exempts, say that are ready to occurrence in the market of the new player. a way out variant one - the compromise. We are always glad to occurrence in the market of the new player. Start up will come on the market and will designate itself, and there - we will look. The passenger will choose finally, he will prefer what services - the head of Open Company " considers; And Round the Trance Alexander Bogdanov. The owner of Open Company the Edelweiss Pavel Shirev considers that carriers are ready to go on negotiations with the mayoralty, but are afraid of rigid reprisals.