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Group RATM has taken glass in hand

Novosibirsk group RATM has redeemed glass projects in St.-Petersburg, the Perm edge and the Novosibirsk region at the owner “ Russian soda company “ Valery Zakoptelova. In group declare that will build first of all the Petersburg factory to which the city authorities have given the status of the strategic. Branch analysts doubt that RATM can begin in the near future building of factories.
group of companies RATM is created in 1992 in the Novosibirsk region. In group structure works more than 20 industrial enterprises in the cement industry, mechanical engineering, optiko - electronic instrument making, and also Open Society “ Novosibirsk factory “Screen“ “ which is engaged in empties manufacture. The total volume of actives under control of a group of companies exceeds 25 mlrd rbl. Co-owner RATM its president Edward Taran is. the Owner “ Russian soda company “ (RSK) Valery Zakoptelov has sold the glass projects to group RATM. As has informed a press - management company service “ RATM - Holding, “ we have got three platforms at different stages of readiness: in St.-Petersburg, Perm and Novosibirsk “. Owner RSK Valery Zakoptelov has only confirmed the sale fact. “ we have signed the agreement on confidentiality, for this reason I cannot give comments “ - it has explained „“.

In group RATM have noticed that first of all it is planned to build glass factory in St.-Petersburg. Under this project it is already made tehniko - an economic justification and the allowing documentation is ready, the project prepares for delivery in State examination. The platform is located in settlement Metallostroj. The Total amount of investments into factory was estimated in $600 million Sum of transaction of the party do not open. “ As the cedation of the rights occurred in the summer, I think that the sum was still pre-crisis “ - the chairman of committee on investments and strategic projects of administration of St.-Petersburg Maxim Sokolov speaks. As has informed a source in Smolnom, RSK has spent about $10 million for rent of a site and about $10 million on its preparation. Experts consider that taking into account already complete works and “ strategic “ the status appropriated by the Petersburg authorities, this project will manage RATMu approximately in $25 - 30 million

Concerning the project in Kizele (the Perm edge) group RATM took a time - a miss in communication “ with crisis compression of the market “. Mister Zakoptelov presented the Civil-engineering design of glass factories to the authorities of the Perm edge in the autumn of 2007. It was supposed that one will make sheet architectural glass (700 t a day), the second - 250 million bottles a year. Building was supposed to be begun in the summer of 2008, and to start manufactures in the end of 2009 - the beginning of 2010. Project cost was estimated in ˆ200 million According to mayor Kizela Igor Shtenika, RSK and has not chosen a platform.

in settlement Chik of the Novosibirsk region together with group RATM Valery Zakoptelov planned building steklozavoda and is mountain - concentrating factory. Cost of this project should exceed ˆ100 million

Branch analysts consider that the situation in the market does not favour to realisation of new projects in this branch. An analyst of the investment company “ finam “ Sergey Filchenkov notices that now demand for production of glass factories from builders and motor-car manufacturers was essentially reduced. “ many operating manufacturers of glass, for example Borsky glass factory (Nizhniy Novgorod region), have problems with deliveries. The glass industry - capital-intensive, and terms of input of the enterprises long enough, for this reason realisation of new projects in doubt “ - he speaks.