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“ New mountain “ have attacked drains

In judicial suit between Open Company “ New mountains - Prikamye “ (operates a water canal and biological treatment facilities of Perm) and terupravleniem Rosprirodnadzora is put a point. Yesterday officials managed to achieve collecting from the municipal operator of 156 million rbl. for dump to Kama nedoochishchennyh sewage. Now “ New mountains “ is obliged to enclose these means in modernisation of treatment facilities. At the same time, in comparison with primary calculations, the sum of claim requirements has decreased in 20 times. A judgement remained both parties are satisfied. The former head “ New mountain “ Michael Nikolsky considers such verdict unfair.
yesterday the arbitration court of the Perm edge has satisfied the claim of management of Rosprirodnadzora for the Perm edge to Open Company “ New mountains - Prikamye “. In the statement of claim of Rosprirodnadzor asked to oblige the respondent to compensate the harm caused to water area of the Votkinsk water basin. Under the version of Rosprirodnadzora, the operator has admitted hit from biological treatment facilities of crude sewage with excess of limiting concentration of nitrogen and phosphorus in the river Kama therefore the ecological damage has been caused to water area of the Votkinsk water basin.

infringements have been revealed during the check spent in February - March, 2008. Then Rosprirodnadzor has ordered the companies to eliminate infringements, but additional check in June, 2008 has shown that department requirements have not been executed. As a result of August, 21st of last year department has addressed in court with the requirement to collect from Open Company “ New mountains - Prikamye “ more than 3,1 mlrd so impressive sum of claim requirements officials have counted rbl. by the special technique confirmed by Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources of the Russian Federation.

representatives of Open Company “ New mountains - Prikamye “ the fact of excess of admissible concentration in drains recognised. At the same time in the company have noticed that crude waters have got to the Votkinsk water basin from - that the equipment of biological treatment facilities hopelessly obsolete. According to employees of the company, modernisation to constructions was required from eightieth years. Has disagreed “ New mountains “ and with the sum of the shown claims. So, under the petition of the party of the operator the given laboratories of Open Company have been attached to business materials “ New mountains - Prikamye “ which dispersed from researches of Rosprirodnadzora.

As a result experts of Rosprirodnadzora have made recalculation of volume of the harm put to environment, and representatives of Open Company " have lowered an amount of damage to 156 million rbl. At yesterday`s session; New mountains - Prikamye “ to compensate it have agreed. At the same time the respondent has suggested court to carry out actions for modernisation of treatment facilities and environment restoration for the specified sum. According to representatives “ New mountain “ works on modernisation will pass within three years. It is supposed that reconstruction will be subjected water-collecting sumps, and also buffer ponds. The beginning of works is planned for March of this year, the termination - for December, 2011.

as a result judge Ljubov Lysnova recognised requirements of the claimant proved and has obliged the respondent to indemnify a loss put to water object, by putting on on the operator of a duty to spend a complex of the actions directed on elimination of infringements.

the director for legal questions of Open Company “ New mountains - Prikamye “ Ekaterina Kosogova has declared that the party of the respondent is satisfied by a judgement. “ We have spent recalculation of the put harm in common with experts of Rosprirodnadzora, - madam Kosogova speaks, - and concerning the sum at us no claims are present. We are satisfied and the decision on compensation of a damage by carrying out of actions for decrease in pollution of sewage. After all if this sum would collect otherwise not the fact that these means would go on elimination of lacks “.

In Rosprirodnadzore also have explained what to challenge a judgement do not intend. “ it is possible to name Given laboratories “New mountains“ more objective, - tells a source in department, - monitoring of a chemical compound of dumps there is spent constantly. And experts of Rosprirodnadzora made a fence of analyses only incidentally “.

the Former general director of Open Company “ New mountains - Prikamye “ Michael Nikolsky says that 156 million rbl. - very serious sum for the enterprise. “ The most insulting that, as a matter of fact, punish innocent, - mister Nikolsky considers, - after all “New mountains“ does not generate a dirt, and only collects it from all city, and at many Perm industrial enterprises of treatment facilities is not present “. According to the expert, Open Company “ New mountains - Prikamye “ there are no means for high-grade clearing of drains, and any attempt of increase of tariffs displeases among industrialists. “ it is unpleasant news to all water sector. Beat not guilty and who is easier for beating “ - Michael Nikolsky has concluded.