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Maria Gaydar has left for public works

the Former active worker of Union of Right Forces Maria Gaydar is appointed by the adviser for social problems of the governor of the Kirov region, eks - the leader of Union of Right Forces Nikita Belyh. The madam Gaydar will work on public principles and at the beginning will be engaged in struggle against unemployment, questions of public health services and availability of city baths. The former critical statements to Nikita Belyh Maria Gaydar recognised too gorjachnymi . Experts are assured that opposition embedding in the power " proceeds;.
Yesterday the governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belyh has appointed the order the former active worker of federal political council the Union of the right forces Maria Gaydar the adviser for social problems. The mister White was inaccessible to comments. The director of department of the information of the regional government Elena Urmatsky has explained that the quantity of advisers of the governor is not regulated also the head of region has the right to select nominees itself.

in the blog Maria Gaydar has explained that has accepted Nikita Belyh`s offer on work in the Kirov region, but is not going to refuse the belief. The former critical remarks to the former party fellow (earlier the madam Gaydar declared that Nikita Jurevich has sold soul to a devil and has entered a collusion with the criminal power ) Maria Gaydar named too gorjachnymi and concerning liquidation of Union of Right Forces. it is good that, despite of the big differences in principle on this question, Nikita Belyh has appeared above these disagreements and has invited me to teamwork - the new adviser of the Kirov governor marks, adding that this post not political on public principles and without the salary. In conversation with the madam Gaydar has explained that considers the appointment constructive work of the power with opposition .

Maria Gaydar has already begun acquaintance with social sphere of the Kirov region. the nearest urgent questions she named struggle against unemployment, the organisation of public works, public health services and availability of city public baths. It is supposed that following the results of trips on region she will state to the governor the offers and recommendations. In social sphere all is very difficult in all country if to add to it the general condition depressive dotatsionnogo region in crisis, the full picture of an event will turn out. Classical shortage of money, a large quantity of the problems which have remained still since conquest of Vyatka by Moscow - the madam Gaydar has explained.

the source in regional parliament named arrival of one more former active worker of Union of Right Forces the personal decision White which does not bear anything terrible . According to the deputy of the State Duma from an United Russia Igor Igoshina, the governor has a just cause to work with those to whom trusts .

the Director of department of regional and municipal programs of the Center of political technologies Andrey Maksimov has compared Maria Gaydar`s appointment as the adviser to Nikita Belyh`s arrival on a post of the governor of the Kirov region: It also unexpectedly and also looks opposition embedding in the power . The expert has noticed that between the Kirov governor and its adviser, probably, there was already a revision of political disagreements : Gaydar was present on inauguration White is already about much spoke. However, it it is no wonder - right build in the power not only to Russia, but also in Europe .