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Transit between M - 51 and M - 52 is laid on a card

Building more than 26 - kilometre transit between M highways - 51 ( Baikal ) and M - 52 ( the Chujsky path ) Including the third bridge through Ob in Novosibirsk, it is estimated in 60,5 mlrd rbl. About it yesterday has informed at session architecturally - town-planning council of the mayoralty of the deputy chief of central administrative board of an accomplishment and gardening of a city Boris Guber, referring to preliminary given Sankt - Petersburg NIPI territorial development and the transport infrastructure, the FEASIBILITY REPORT of the project engaged in working out. G - n Guber has not specified, how many means from the named sum are necessary directly on highway building. In the beginning of February mayor Vladimir Gorodetsky after a meeting with the minister of transport of the Russian Federation Igor Levitinym has informed that on building of bridge transition it is required more than 23 mlrd rbl. By words g - on Gubera, six strips of new road can pass a day to 80 thousand cars. The highway will originate from the Ordynsky ring of M - 51, further will proceed on street Hiloksky, will cross the railway around a stage of Kleshchiha - Chemsky, street Siberians - Guardsmen, Vatutina also leaves on the bridge. On the right coast of Ob the line will cross street Bolshevist, a railway stage Novosibirsk - Southern - Inja - Southern, the street Elective and Kirov and will be connected to projected East detour of a line of M - 52. It is supposed to construct all object for 13 years. In the near future there is a decision of the mayor about reservation of the earths under highway building. However, has noticed g - n Guber, to initiate advancement of this project in federal structures (since 2010 presumably 70 % of financing of building of the bridge will be incurred by the federal budget) the mayoralty will begin when we closely will come nearer to building of the third bridge . The mayoralty plans to transfer in the near future the design documentation on it in State examination and till April to be defined with genpodrjadchikom. In 2009 city and regional budgets allocate more than 600 million rbl., basically for a pulling down of private houses on a site. In total taking into account a highway under a pulling down will go more than 570 houses and about 340 garden sites.