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House capital repairs rise in price twice

In 2009 on capital repairs carrying out in apartment houses the Novosibirsk region will spend in 2,7 times of more means, than in 2008, - 2,4 mlrd the rbl. But quantity of the repaired buildings will increase only by 50 % - with 400 to 600. Officials of regional administration explain such approach aspiration to improve quality of repair which is supposed to be made complex.
yesterday in a Novosibirsk regional council has passed session of committee on building and questions housing - a municipal complex. Acted on it vitse - governor Vladimir Anisimov has told to deputies about results and prospects of capital repairs of apartment houses and resettlements of citizens from shabby habitation in the Novosibirsk region according to FZ 185 About Fund of assistance to housing and communal services reforming . As he said, though in Minregionrazvitija on use of means of fund in 2009 the region will direct the demand to the Russian Federation in the beginning of March, key parametres of works are already known. On capital repairs... Have submitted demands of 28 municipal unions... A total cost of realisation of actions of the given program of an order 2,42 mlrd rbl. Cost of the address program of resettlement... 11 municipal unions " are estimated in 799 million rub Here; - Vladimir Anisimov has listed. Thus, on capital repairs the area assumes to receive in 2,7 times of more means, than in 2008.

according to Novosibirsk regional administration, in 2008 with use of means of Fund of assistance to housing and communal services reforming 400 houses in four municipal unions have been capitally repaired: Novosibirsk (348 houses), Berdsk (33), Toguchine (12), the Forge (seven). The Total sum of the spent means has made 896 million rbl. On resettlement of citizens of emergency houses (22 thousand sq. it has been spent by 943 million rbl. more Some figures have confused deputies. Dmitry Kozlovsky has counted up that in 2009 of an expense of means of fund on repair of one house will make 4 million rbl. - twice more than in 2008. whether is better on this money to make 1,2 thousand houses? - the mister Kozlovsky has offered.

Mister Anisimov has answered negatively. It has explained that in 2008 of the house basically were under repair on selective to a principle - where - that did a roof... Where - that an engineering part . In 2009 of the power intend to practise the complex approach when all is under repair and at once. I would wish to live to nobody in the house where repair is made within five years - at first a roof, then a cellar... Horror! - the official summarised.

however some deputies continued to insist what much more awfully to live in the house where in general is under repair nothing. Sergey Kovalev has informed mister Anisimov that has already faced with Mass protests the voters. if last year at me in district 20 houses this year it is planned no more than eight houses have been repaired!. It is a question of a social justice rule!. And we besides live during a crisis epoch when people are embittered and demand justice! - he has shared. Mister Kovalev has urged to return not simply to principles of selective capital repairs, but to divide money under uniform specifications on one square metre of capital repairs . Its colleague Andrey Panferov has tried to pay attention of the official to that fact that building materials this year have essentially fallen in price also good repair it is possible to make and on 2 million rbl.

But mister Anisimov was unshakable. It has reminded that FZ 185 is the law not about free distribution of budget money its problem - to give essential bonuses to the most active proprietors, which in time Could be organised and besides not against to add own means for repair over 5 % put under the law.

As a result deputies have agreed that to each house the individual approach is necessary, and have taken the information presented by mister Anisimov into consideration.