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SERGEY ILCHENKO which is operating Sankt - the Petersburg branch of National reserve bank:

With 1991 for 1993 I was trained and have received degree MVA at University of the State of Massachusetts (USA) on a speciality the international finance . In western business - schools is taught not by scientists - theorists, and people who have taken place real business school. One of our professors had a brewery on which example we had possibility to study technology of regular management. Another - the adviser of the Congress of the USA concerning bankruptcies - arrived from Washington on our lectures by the personal plane. Naturally, at its lectures there were notices. Now, in the conditions of world financial crisis, knowledge on anti-recessionary management becomes claimed.

That who makes decisions on reception of diploma MVA in the West, it is necessary to understand that, besides good knowledge of language, that within two years it is not necessary to have a rest is necessary to be adjusted. Thus nobody will impose you knowledge, to watch you. It is your choice, you pay for training and should put efforts to receive the necessary knowledge. For example, during my training every day it was necessary to read about two hundred printing pages, and to print about two tens, it not including various mathematical calculations .