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economic ailments give fine possibility to be engaged in own development. Very few people seriously thinks today that on restoration of business activity to level of last summer than one will leave less - two years. Than to be engaged at this time? While economic realities have no to active development of business, it is possible to use the formed break and at last to receive diploma MBA (Master of Business Administration). Training can just take two years. The following possibility to come off affairs for such term will be given not earlier, than in eight years. With such periodicity in a post-war history usually there are crises.

Degree MBA can be received as abroad, and in Russia, however it is necessary to recognise, to compatriots with whom finally should deal the graduate, abbreviation MBA often does not tell anything. The director UK Adekta Alexander Strogalev who has received degree MBA, recognises: There is a sensation that the Russian labour market has no while cultures of consumption people with MBA . Therefore a name of the educational institution which has given out the diploma bolshy the weight, than degree MBA often has. And bragging of the formation received in the West, it is necessary to pay on the average four times more than for training in Russia. So, cost of passage of program MBA at eminent European or American university makes about $100 thousand while the Russian experts will ask for a treasured crust on the average less $25 thousand

the Basic advantage western MBA - formations before Russian consists that, being trained abroad, the manager has possibility to adopt really long experience. The domestic tradition business - formations is younger, than Russian business. At the same time specificity MBA assumes an emphasis on seminar employment with consideration and collective discussion of a considerable quantity cases . The Russian practice at all precipitancy of formation of business cannot become a comparable illustrative material yet. And the fellow students, whatever skilled they were, nevertheless are not successors of old tradition.

with whom it is necessary to share the same desk, - also essential difference of Russian and western programs MBA. Requirements for arriving on training in Russia much more low, and often main criterion by consideration of candidates there is an ability to pay training. As a result behind one school desk can appear a top - the manager of the large company and the yesterday`s schoolboy assured that the diploma will help it to find favourable work - Alexander Strogalev complains. On the contrary, the western programs MBA offer additional education only to the experts having serious experience. At the Russian school it is possible to face that MBA will not justify one of the main expectations, and instead of useful contacts and interesting communications, the skilled manager will receive a set of uninteresting interlocutors.

colleagues on the training, everyone with the experience and a sight at economy, - powerful resource MBA - Yana Yevstigneyev, the chief of department of advertising IK " has told about the expectations from training; the Power capital . However it plans to receive the diploma at the Russian school. In dispute on that, dialogue with whom is more useful to the Russian manager, it is difficult to put an end. On the one hand, the western experience, certainly, more richly, and, accordingly, dialogue with its carriers should appear more useful. With another - messmates from Russia often represent specificity of business management in domestic practice is better. And still it does not eliminate neither a problem of quality of selection of trainees, nor that tradition Russian business - formations, as well as management as a whole while it is young enough. Alexander Afanasev, the chief of department of crediting of small and average business of the Petersburg branch the Absolute of Bank plans to receive degree MBA abroad and does not consider that its future formation will appear poorly applicable in Russia. I already understand, what knowledge to me was to be received in addition what competence to develop - they do not depend on in what country I will work - he is assured.

Receiving the knowledge, many prefer to address to the primary source which for the Russian schools the western experience nevertheless is. If to follow this logic, behind degree MBA it makes sense to go to the USA where in the end of a XIX-th century and there was this formation. At a choice of the western school foreign ratings will not prevent. For example, the well-known British magazine The Economist offers own version a top - 100 best MBA the world. Last rating has headed Swiss International Institute for Management Development (IMD). On its example it is possible to estimate, with whom it is necessary to study, having decided to receive MBA in Europe: 97 % of students in IMD - foreigners. Europeans make about half, and Americans - about a quarter of trainees. The others have arrived from Asia, Australia, Africa and from the Near East. In the best, according to The Economist, educational institution for reception MBA in the United States (3 - e a place in the general rating) slightly other picture. Only 40 % of students Chicago Graduate School of Business - foreigners.

to prefer reception of Russian diploma MBA many the big availability and gradual improvement of quality of domestic education force. it is pleasant that in Russia already there are institutions with the enviable list of accreditations and quality of the teaching, allowing to receive knowledge, to turn out skills and to generate abilities, and not just to find club for dialogue on interests which was MVA the Russian flood until recently - the chief executive " ascertains; UK BFA the Novel Churakov which yet does not have degrees Master of Business Administration. At the same time he is convinced that Russian education still carries more likely nominal, than practical function. diploma MVA it is faster still a crust in the Russian reality. In this plan the current economic conjuncture can work on advantage of increase of value MVA. The listeners of the programs who have made the investments into knowledge, will demand knowledge on the enclosed means - believes Roman Churakov.

to Argue on quality western and Russian MBA - formations it is possible long, but there is an aspect with which it is impossible to disagree. Subscribing for training abroad, the manager cuts possibility of formation without a separation from the basic work which are carried out for eight hours in day. Having chosen the American or European university, it will be compelled for two years to leave in other country. In many educational institutions remote programs are accessible also, but in them it is essential less than direct dialogue, and the accent can appear is displaced from the process of formation on diploma reception pro forma. On the other hand, if to go to extract knowledge abroad, to experience of reception MBA experience of life in other country, that is adaptation to new conditions will increase also. Such knowledge will not be superfluous for any manager. By the way, to practise intercultural communications invite not only the USA and the European states. Programs MBA exist more than in 15 countries. So to go to search for a worth-while experiment it is possible to Japan, Australia or, for example, India. However, it is not necessary to forget that for many compatriots diploma MBA received, say, in China, will have the same weight, as a label Made in China on toys of their children.

Are similar the Russian and western diploma MBA in one - neither from that, nor from another it is not necessary to wait for instant career growth. Planning to receive degree MBA the commercial director of the Petersburg branch COMSTAR - OTS Denis Kramarenko does not create illusions in this respect: Advancement on an office ladder after reception of degree MBA is possible, but it is not so obligatory. In my opinion, today career growth only slightly is connected with presence of this or that diploma . Yana Yevstigneyev admitted that waits for increase after reception of degree MBA, but at once has made a reservation: Certainly, I wait for it not at once - would be naive to think that after I will show to a management the treasured diploma, me will immediately raise in a post with corresponding increase in a salary . Already trained Alexander Strogalev has told that degree MBA does not give notable advantages, but has hastened to remind about not advantage so appreciable, at first sight: formation Any sensible and checked up by time well sets straight, structures knowledge and skills. And sometimes impulses to revaluation of plans of the further life and change of system of values .