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Personnel repartition


a word crisis sounding now apropos and without, has changed all: the approach to formation, free time, purchases, dialogue. It and a sight at work - and work as has changed a labour market. Salaries and prestigiousness of posts began to be transformed, and popular when - that specialities have appeared not claimed.

It is possible to tell with confidence that growth of salaries in the majority of branches has stopped, Olga Andreeva, the head of department on work with clients considers the ANCHOR in Petersburg. By its estimation, Salaries of heads and top - managers have most strongly decreased - many of them in an early autumn the very first have been compelled to reduce the salaries and to refuse bonuses .

the joke that " Recently became popular; the best bonus following the results of 2008 - contract prolongation on 2009 .

Referring on mini - poll concerning changes in human resource management area spent by the company, Ekaterina Ukhov, the senior manager of department of consultation on human resource management of Moscow office Ernst and Young, underlines that more than half of employers have lowered plans on growth of salaries for 2009 on the average on 50 - 75 %. As to the size of awards for 2008 they definitely will considerably below indicators of 2007, or will not be paid, as in second half of 2008 indicators of activity of the majority of the enterprises have sharply decreased.

Thus recent research of personnel agency Avanta Personnel fixes absence of frightening tendencies in the salary policy. Under its data, only 14 % of the Petersburg employers in December have refused the plans of increase of salaries to employees in 2009, still a part of employers later terms have transferred increase on hardly or have reduced it to 7 - 8 % instead of planned before 12 %.

the Express train - review Avanta Personnel shows that in the market it has appeared the stablest HR - a policy of the companies with the foreign capital. So, in a current situation have refused annual revision of the salary of 40 % of the Russian companies, against 10 % western. Thus about 20 % of the Russian companies and 15 % foreign have transferred terms of revision of salaries from first half of 2009 for the summer. It is necessary to notice that western FMCG and the industrial companies, and also software developers are more inclined to reduction of size of revision, than full refusal of it.

From the end of 2008 decrease in salaries in all branches which were anyhow touched with financial crisis is observed, Andrey Davidov, the operating partner of consulting group " considers; the Alpha the Personnel . He marks decrease in level of payment approximately on 30 % in building, financial, advertising branch. At the same time stable there are salaries in IT, logistics and - until recently - in the pharmaceutical market. even not so much branch, how many a financial position of the concrete company is in certain cases important. In a prize there were those who worked and developed at the expense of own means, without attraction of credits. These companies now presume to involve to themselves the best experts, to create a personnel reserve - Andrey Davidov adds.

some experts estimate the market more optimistically. So, Elena Stepkina, the director of consulting bureau Career Consult, considers that More it is impossible to name a labour market the market of the candidate but already the occasion was outlined in January, 2009 a little to calm a panic existing today . Figures say that crisis has led more likely to decrease in rates of increase of salaries, than to its stop. Besides, it became clear that hasty total dismissals of the last quarter 2008 have been no means always economically well-founded. when New Year`s holidays have died down and has come it is time to get down to business, it has appeared what, actually, to undertake for this business nobody. Therefore in the end of January positive changes in the relation of quantity of vacancies on a labour market " were found out; - it explains.

Who has lost also who wins now in war for vacancies and shots? Outsiders on a labour market can be seen obviously enough. Olga Andreeva allocates among them experts of those branches who have suffered most strongly, - financial and building sector. Besides, it is difficult to find today work on former conditions to experts in the field of advertising and PR, training and personnel development, to experts of retail sector, bank workers, economists and lawyers, advisers, trainers, administrative workers.

from the end of January on a labour market demand growth in experts in sales, managers in work with clients, especially with the client base is visible, operative workers (operators, cashiers) in bank sphere, Andrey Davidov considers. If to speak about the top echelon, that, in its opinion, change of a financial policy of the company, is frequently accompanied by change of financial company management . For a top - managers who change right now work, skills of anti-recessionary management are very important.

Karina Habacheva, the director of the Center the open-cast mine of the Higher school of management of St.Petersburg State University, sees a consequence of personnel problems in banks, the financial, investment companies of complexity at building, extracting, rekrutingovyh and consulting firms. The great influence on the market of vacancies was rendered by a time stop of manufacture by automobile giants, the enterprises of heavy mechanical engineering and some other branches. She marks an interesting tendency: more or less confidently now the tobacco companies as in the conditions of crisis people smoke (it more feel the premium does not concern cigarettes - a class), often consumers pass to cheaper cigarettes, but consumption of cigarettes do not reduce. Such situation at all does not frighten tabachnikov which consider the product seasonal and easily reconstruct manufacture from expensive class on dolee the cheap.

experts consider as One of the major changes of a labour market its turn from the candidate to the employer. considerable changes have begun approximately in August - September, 2008 and proceed now - Ekaterina Ukhov from Ernst and Young considers. She underlines that during the period from December, 2007 till July, 2008 the largest employers of Russia have increased number of the personnel on the average on 8 - 11 %. From August till October, 2008 of 10 % of employers have spent off-schedule reductions of number of the personnel, and about 40 % of employers have spent or will spend such reductions to the period from November, 2008 till April, 2009. On the average the companies reduce about 10 % of employees.

According to Ekaterina Uhovoj, first of all reductions have mentioned investitsionno - bank and developer sektory, then a mining industry and metallurgy, and less all has concerned spheres of manufacture of foodstuff.

Even in a difficult economic situation many companies in the market underline importance of deduction and motivation of qualified personnel.

so, Marina Tulsky, the head of department on work with the personnel sankt - the Petersburg branch of Joint-Stock Company Delojt and Hulks of the CIS underlines that the personnel is the main active of any company rendering professional services . we have a set of programs of material and non-material encouragement of experts. The current economic situation creates many possibilities for business development: We render the clients of service in the field of anti-recessionary consultation, optimisation of costs and many other services aimed at overcoming of crisis that, in turn, allows our experts to receive invaluable experience of the decision of difficult strategic problems. In this connection the company not only does not plan to cut expenses of fund of payment, and considers possibility of additional investments into training .

summing up, it is possible to notice that crisis nevertheless not only calls into question into workplace preservation, but also gives the chance to find new - and not such bad as it seems at the moment of reduction. Professionals on - former also find work in the price. Employers win at least because in their basket has sharply increased adequate resumes. Definitive changes of the market will come together with the termination of crisis and the beginning of an exit from it.