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the aspiration to increase of the cost on a labour market - is far not unique motivation for experts and a top - the managers receiving business - formation. For many of them the much bigger role is played by the substantial party of a question. But even in this case sooner or later utility of the received knowledge should be converted in the earned money, otherwise means for training will appear spent for nothing.

The better formation gives business - school or other educational institution, the less than own efforts it is necessary to put to its person received to prove the increased qualification. Some diplomas in itself are the certain signals testifying to a solvency of the expert for employers. Thus the big role plays not only an educational institution name, but also correctly picked up program of training. for the majority of the companies interest is represented only by the certificates confirming certain a professional upgrade the candidate on its basic specialisation. It is important, that formation has been received in authoritative, it is desirable for the international company, - Boris Rohin, the head of Petersburg office Ward Howell notices. - As to the base higher education, many companies want, that industrial managers had technical education, financial managers - economic and etc. Thus are quoted only leading high schools, only their diploma can give any advantage on a labour market .

In certain areas, for example in the field of the finance (ACCA, CPA), professional certificates are an indicator not only and demands high qualification of the expert, but also its personal qualities as at times training process is stretched for years from the person of persistence, ability to endow personal interests and to achieve result in long-term prospect - Ekaterina Ilyin, the director of the Russian branch of company Boyden speaks.

Essential advantage on a labour market gives also knowledge of foreign languages. today you do not know a foreign language, and you are considered as the potential worker by five companies. Tomorrow you have learnt it, and before you already 25 vacancies. And, as a rule, with higher level of the income, - Ekaterina Ruchkina, the director for corporation human resource management " marks; Glavstroj . Thus language skill is that case where all solves real knowledge. Language certificates never are required to the employer. The knowledge of language is easily checked during interview - Boris Rohin explains.

business with diplomas MVA Differently is - here real knowledge to check up much more difficult and it is necessary to be guided often addressed to business - schools. According to Boris Rohina, in the course of selection and an estimation a top - managers skilled in questions of talents employers consider presence at the candidate of diploma MVA only ten best business schools under the version of authoritative ratings of Financial Times and Wall Street Journal. Such diploma is the powerful certificate of level of preparation of the head, diplomas of other schools - hardly - he speaks.

however that in the market diplomas topovyh western business are appreciated only - schools agree not all. Working in the Russian company, the manager who has received degree MBA abroad, will by all means face the Russian realities of conducting the accounting reporting, features of the legislation and other nuances which cannot be considered system of the western formation - Julia Koroleva, the assistant to the general director " marks; OPEN SPACE a Telecom . Formation and Sergey Ilchenko who is operating Sankt - the Petersburg branch of National reserve bank otherwise estimates: the Effect from reception business - formations abroad depends in a greater degree not on popularity of institute, and how you position yourself, what purposes put before itself. It is possible and having finished Harward not to receive the necessary knowledge for business .

a demand Estimation in the market of managers with diplomas MVA - in general one of the most debatable questions in domestic business - environment. Know, how personalshchiki named graduates MVA earlier? Hamburgers . The lovely children stuffed with knowledge, they not so wanted to go to study, but the employer has told: it is necessary - notices Nadezhda Bobrova, the director of branch of human resource management in Severo - the Western region of holding Atlant - M agreeing, truth that now a situation changes and on the foreground there is own motivation of managers.

experts have also other questions to MVA. So, according to general director Triza Exclusive of Svetlana Kataevoj, there are experts who get education in good business - schools, but then cannot to embody the mastered models in frameworks of the company. the reasons can be different: the companies are not ready to changes or the expert cannot correctly choose from all spectrum of tools what will be effective - she adds.

to Graduates of programs Master of Business Administration is what to answer sounding claims. not that at us in the country a situation negatively to concern those who though something knows. Overproduction of graduates MVA precisely it is not observed. On the contrary, when I learn that the person has diploma MVA, sigh with simplification. For me it is a sign that I can speak with the person in one language, we understand many things equally - Andrey Soldatov, the financial director " speaks; Ramensky it is mountain - concentrating industrial complex . As he said, mistrust to diplomas MVA from heads of some companies speaks fear of a competition. Besides, graduates MVA are more mobile - them to keep, and higher requirements more difficult, as a matter of fact, are shown to heads - mister Soldatov adds.

Olga Beglova, the director of Academy of business Ernst and Young, also does not call into question value business - formations, but focuses attention on its other aspect. I would pay more attention not to prestigiousness business - schools in which it is received MVA, and on how much the person who has received, for example, in 1998 diploma MVA, keeps up to date and continues the professional growth. If the expert has finished 10 years ago the Harward business school and has put an end in the development this fact hardly will please the employer - she notices.

the desire of people to be trained and improve the knowledge always is laudable, but it is more important to be able to apply effectively this knowledge, and we sometimes meet situations when increase of market cost of the manager " becomes the unique purpose of formation; - Ekaterina Ilyin speaks. Its thought and general director DataArt Michael Zavilejsky supports: the Diploma in itself - anything. Also it is not necessary to them to swing, getting a job. It is necessary to influence knowledge, experience, skills, including what has received during study .