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How to find balance between work and study so that formation stimulated career development? Such question, in this or that kind, sets many managers. After all only at first sight can seem that training is always the blessing. Eternally distracting on passage of every possible courses and programs, visiting of various seminars employees can cause irritation of the employer as it frequently influences their EFFICIENCY not in the best way. So-called Life Long Learning (the concept of continuous formation) if to go too far, can make of the ambitious manager the eternal student . Many in general consider that the school of life is better than any universities.

not a secret, what even the most prestigious formation does not guarantee successful career, and degrees and diplomas not always define real potential of the manager. Original anti-advertising business - formations became economic results of board of George Bush, the president first in the American history with diploma MVA. However the private unsuccessful example does not reflect law. Already one what in the American society - especially pragmatic and aimed at success - business - formation has arisen and has got huge popularity, speaks about its efficiency. There, where are able to count money and to appreciate time, would not began to spend them for useless employment.

it is important to mean also that training process sometimes means for the employer not less, than result. I heard time and again, how heads of the various companies, explaining the relation to the diploma of known high school or a scientific degree which at first sight are not connected with requested kompetentsijami, speak about value overcoming experience . If the person could graduate from the university with distinction and has found time, already working, to write the dissertation, means, he can solve serious problems.

when the situation in economy and business changes, there are new inquiries. To satisfy them skills which can be received, including in the course of training help. The main thing to make a correct choice and to know sense of proportion.