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an United Russia have accepted in the Moscow State University from the second attempt

As it became known the secretary of presidium of a general council an United Russia Vyacheslav Volodin has headed new chair of faculty of the government of the Moscow state university. On a pedagogical post mister Volodin will be engaged in methodology of the state building, partially having embodied party in power undertaking on creation of the high school divisions propagandising interests an United Russia . At university are not so happy with persevering attention of politicians to primordially academic posts.
in a new post Vyacheslav Volodin will be officially confirmed by administration in the near future. However, according to the rector of the Moscow State University Victor Sadovnichego, as state building managing chair the nominee of the politician was approved already by an academic council. And the member of parliament has already started discharge of duties: Comes for work every Saturday .

the New chair has appeared at faculty simultaneously with a nominee of its head. However, mister Sadovnichy has assured that at university annually opens to ten new chairs. students of faculty want specialisation, and mister Volodin has presented the extensive curriculum. For example, has offered practice of students in regional authorities. Precisely I remember about the Kaluga and Tula areas - he has told. The dean of faculty of a state administration Alexey Surin has specified that its students have already grown to work in the higher echelons of the state power and it is logical to have for this purpose any exit upward . The rector of the Moscow State University named new managing chair quite good scientist economic - a legal profile also has assured that appointment has occurred on business . Vyacheslav Volodin has declared That gives lectures in the Moscow State University since October. scientifically - pedagogical activity I am engaged since 1984 and I do not interrupt till now - he has informed, having noticed that the law it is authorised to combine teaching with the status of the deputy . Mister Volodin has underlined that in different high schools taught the same discipline - government system, - has prepared nine post-graduate students, one doktoranta. it is interesting To me to be engaged in this discipline because questions which it describes, change together with the control system - the deputy has declared.

Vyacheslav Volodin has ended the Saratov institute of mechanisation of agriculture of M.I.Kalinina on a speciality the mechanical engineer also has passed a course in the Russian academy of civil service at the president of the Russian Federation on a speciality the lawyer . In 1996 in Sankt - the Petersburg institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has protected the thesis for a doctor`s degree The subject of the Russian Federation: problems of the power, lawmaking and management . Then worked as the assistant, the senior teacher, the senior lecturer and managing chair in Volga region academy of public service.

yesterday in the central executive committee an United Russia have informed that pedagogical career of mister Volodina not the party project - there is no problem that Moscow State University staff consisted entirely of heads an United Russia . Meanwhile it already the second attempt of party leadership of the power to get to university. Last year in the Moscow State University there was the political science faculty which creation connected with a name of the leader an United Russia Boris Gryzlov. The academic public has apprehended its nominee in bayonets, and the political science faculty in the Moscow State University has earned without Boris Gryzlov. Functionaries an United Russia have thus informed That all the same perceive high school as a potential party platform - they at least intend to participate in creation of curricula and will delegate status Party members in lecturers.

according to political scientist Alexander Morozova, last years five an United Russia aspired to active presence at high schools . the High school youth has always been connected with protest movements - from natsbolov and the Left front to traditional liberal opposition. The students are perceived by the authorities as a most socially excitable civil segment, especially in a situation when the Prokremlin movements began to give a weak point. So budding of chairs and faculties - in many respects a policy, instead of a result of development of faculties - he considers.

in the Moscow State University Party members of any plan and an accessory with offers are torn to participate in work, - has declared The dean of faculty of political science of the Moscow State University Andrey Shutov. - but we behave accurately. At all we do not want, that the university became a platform for political activity .

In our high school chair the head of Federal antimonopoly service Igor Artemyev, Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin - the professor of university manages, - has told the rector of the Higher school of economy (VSHE) Yaroslav Kuzminov. - it is fast one of chairs VSHE will head one of operating officials of Ministry of economic development and trade. It is attempt of self-realisation of the person: students like to argue, and it often does not suffice the people who have wallowed in administrative tekuchke . And here political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky is convinced that arrival of the politician to country leading university only aspiration to the academic regalia. the desire to compensate absence of quality education university posts and certificates became typical for the Russian elite - he speaks.

in administrations of high schools too recognise a tendency of last years: politicians have directed in the higher school on administrative posts of different levels. For an armchair of the head of the Russian economic academy of a name of Plehanova last year the present interparty fight - between United Russia party member Victor Grishin and spravorossom Valery Zubovym has burst. The last have removed from elections at a certification stage in Minobrnauki. eks - the rector of academy Vitaly Vidjapin considers that high schools are often interested in arrival of representatives of the power with a dowry in the form of an administrative resource. in many respects arrival on supervising posts in high schools of Varangians not a sign of illness of political system, - is told by mister Kuzminov, - and the symptom of illness of universities is faster. High schools can offer nothing alternatively so do not resist .