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The red have surrounded the government House

In capital of Thailand mass meetings of supporters of former prime minister Taksina Chinavata, svergnutogo as a result of a military coup d`etat have begun on September, 19th, 2006. The demonstrators dressed in red shirts, have surrounded the government House, have blocked traffic in city centre and resignation of the cabinet and parliament dissolution demand. Behind actions red the correspondent in Bangkok ALEXEY of IONS observes.
on January, 31st supporters eks - prime minister Taksina Chinavata have spent dress rehearsal of antigovernmental meeting. Then more than 30 thousand demonstrators have passed in red shirts a march to the House of the government of Thailand, have broken through cordons from policemen and military men an aggregate number more than 5 thousand persons and have surrounded Thai the white house . That time demonstrators from Incorporated front for democracy and against dictatorship (UDD) have decided to be limited to the prevention to the authorities.

From government Aphisita Vetchachivy they have demanded to begin criminal investigation concerning the National union for democracy (NSD) which active workers in August of last year have grasped the government House, and in the autumn within eight days blocked work of Bangkok airport Suvannapum. We will remind that as a result of these actions to the power the government of their supporters from Democratic party led by Aphisitom Vetchachivoj has come. One of leaders NSD, the present head of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kasita Piromja, active workers UDD demand to send in resignation, parliament to dismiss and declare early election. if by February, 15th our requirements are not executed, we will return - one of leaders of holding a meeting Chatupon Prompan has declared.

Then the authorities have not listened to threats, and yesterday supporters eks - prime minister Chinavata left again on streets. From 15 thousand to 25 thousand red Have passed a march from Sanam Luang area, cordons of special troops dared and blocked the government House. Demonstrators have camped on the area before a building, blocked inputs and exits in it. However, they have let in yesterday prime minister Aphisita Vetchachivu on the workplace. The head of the government has passed in a dense ring of security guards through a system red under deafening whistle. He has not risked to be late on the workplace and literally in an hour has left the government House.

the leader holding a meeting - mister Chatupon has repeated all same four requirements of demonstrators and has underlined that their actions are not beyond the law and are guaranteed by the constitution fixing freedom of meetings. With it has been compelled to agree and vitse - prime minister Suthep Tygsupan supervising in the government the power block. we easy continue to work, and we thank demonstrators that they do not break the law, - he has declared. - we are ready to negotiations with leaders UDD .

the Authorities of Thailand have got into difficulties. Performances have begun on the threshold of summit ASEAN which is planned in the Thai city of Huahine. In December from - for mass protests meeting carrying out at the highest levels already should be transferred for later term. New carrying over becomes an indelible stain on reputation of kingdom. Demonstrators, having felt a weak point of the authorities, last night completely blocked transport movement round the government House. It is the centre of Thai capital where pass some the largest highways. The transport collapse in 15 - one million megacity became one more headache of the Thai authorities.

apparently, the government will make concessions. That fact testifies to it, in particular, that yesterday the police of Bangkok has addressed in court with the request for excitation of criminal case concerning 21 leaders NSD who supervised last year over capture of the House of the government and the airport of Bangkok. The leader of NSD Sondi Limtonkul there and then named actions of policemen political repressions . However prime minister Aphisit who in the power also was resulted by demonstrators from NSD, has reacted rigidly. the police simply performs the work - he has declared. However, not clearly, who to it prevented it to do previous half a year.