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Crisis has done good to ecology

the Incorporated company (OK) Rusal has decided to close the first platform of Novokuznetsk aluminium factory (NkAZ) capacity of 100 thousand t production in a year. To make it it was supposed for a long time already for the ecological reasons (on factory it is necessary more than 6 % of harmful emissions in Novokuznetsk), but to realise this plan the company has dared only under the influence of an economic crisis.
on forthcoming closing of the first platform of NkAZa has informed the director for public relations OK Rusal Kurochkin`s Belief. By data a press - factory services, the switching-off beginning elektrolizerov is planned on the first quarter 2009 though concrete terms are not established yet. Work of foundry branch, elektroliznogo manufactures, an anode economy will be stopped. At the expense of closing of a platform aluminium volumes of output at factory will be reduced approximately to third.

NkAZ is constructed in 1943. Open Society Rusal Novokuznetsk aluminium factory is a part of the Incorporated company Russian aluminium lets out 317 thousand t aluminium in a year. Capacity of the first industrial platform more than 100 thousand t in a year. At factory it is occupied more than 2,4 thousand persons. Kurochkin`s Belief on NkAZe has explained platform closing by an economic crisis for which time the price for aluminium has fallen about $3 thousand for one ton to $1,3 - 1,4 thousand In 2009 the company intends to lower aluminium melt in Russia on 500 thousand t, and this reduction is necessary on the most ecologically and technologically adverse manufactures most ecologically .

For the first time that the first industrial platform of factory does not correspond to ecological standards and should be closed, the administration declared in September, 2004. Then the chief executive of factory Victor Zhirnakov has informed that in 2005 will be prepared tehniko - an economic justification of development of NkAZa, which provides conformity of operating manufacture to all requirements of ecology and industrial safety . As to equip elektroliznye shops of the first platform with modern gas purification from - for narrownesses of shops it has appeared difficult and expensively, in Rusale have come to a conclusion about necessity of its full closing within 10 years for which to increase manufacture in other part of factory.

in April of last year of the power of Kuzbas have demanded from Rusala sharply to increase investments in treatment facilities of NkAZa and to reduce harmful emissions. Governor Aman Tuleyev has declared that on factory 6,4 % of total amount of emissions and 97 % of total pollution of atmosphere the most harmful, cancerogenic substances in Novokuznetsk are necessary. Then general director OK Rusal Alexander Bulygin has promised to increase ecological investments, to book the international ecological audit of NkAZa and to enclose 285 million rbl. in a social development of the city. Now with closing of the first platform, have explained in a press - factory service, emissions of NkAZa in atmosphere will be reduced approximately to third, on benzapirenu - more than on 50 %.

In the Kemerovo regional administration could not comment yesterday on plans Rusala . A press - the secretary of the mayoralty of Novokuznetsk Alexander Gorbul has informed only that city authorities are informed on plans of closing of the first platform of NkAZa. By data the press - factory services, this process will mention 725 employees. 235 from them will be sent on pension, 260 will translate in additional changes with the second platform with input of the new schedule by turns that will lead to reduction of number of changes and some decrease in the salary. 120 - 150 persons will be sent in idle time with preservation of two thirds of salary till the employment moment on liberated places at dismissal of pensioners and other. 60 more will take vacant places on the remained manufacture, about 40 employees zavodoupravlenija will be reduced.