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The cadet has faced superior forces of colleagues

In Novosibirsk garrison court process on the case of destruction in March of last year of the cadet of Novosibirsk higher military command school (NVVKU) has begun Radmira Sagitova. Under the version of the investigation, ten colleagues have finished the future scout to suicide by a regular beating and humiliations.
to place all participants of process, in Novosibirsk tribunal have allocated the most spacious hall. Ten defendants participate in session, as much the lawyers, three public prosecutors, relatives of cadet Sagitova, their representative, and also six more suffered cadets. On Tuesday in the beginning of judicial session lawyer Oleg Krinitsyn has declared the petition for a direction has put back in Office of Public Prosecutor for elimination of the lacks interfering, in its opinion, consideration of materials. According to the lawyer, inspectors have superficially studied the person of its client Dmitry Koroeva. According to the defender, that from 14 years participated in operations, protecting the native land - Abkhazia, and has got wound that should affect its general psychological condition. The court has considered that the estimation will be given these circumstances during process, and has rejected the application.

judicial examination has begun with consideration of the first and loudest episode of charge - about finishing before suicide of the first-year student of faculty of investigation of Radmira Sagitova (accused - to sergeants incriminated excess of powers with causing of heavy consequences on ch. 3 items 286 of the criminal code of Russian Federation, to cadets - not authorised relations with a similar outcome under item 335). As it is specified in the bill of particulars, suicide of future scout Sagitova was preceded by its conflict with group of cadets of a negative orientation arrived to school from the Caucasian republics. In September, 2007 Radmir Sagitov whom as it is specified in business materials, distinguished Discipline, honesty, adherence to principles, justice, aspiration to correspond to high ideals has demanded public apologies for the insults put to it by colleagues. Has ended with that they have humiliated it again and have mercilessly beaten. Further for the purpose of creation of negative reputation at Sagitova and its subsequent tearing away from military collective cadets have false accused him in krysjatnichestve - theft at the.

rare day in 10 - j to a company, according to the investigation, did without beating or an insult of Sagitova, and an occasion to strike the victim on the person or to humiliate it, was easily. In December, 2007, according to the announced bill of particulars, the cadet has three times got for delay on construction. At first several blows colleagues it is literally vpechatali Sagitova in a case. In some hours have again beaten, and when Sagitov, being protected, has pushed away cadet Marata Bekoeva, that has thrust to it in a shoulder its bayonet - a knife. Then colleagues have checked up on durability a thorax of Sagitova, from tens times having punched in it. Another time, on business materials, younger sergeant Denis Hagba, having considered that at Radmira Sagitova the stale undercollar, has ordered to the cadet to chew it, some times to sew and as much to break.

as it is noted in business materials, not less than seven months Sagitov was in a condition of the psychoemotional pressure caused by presence of the psychoinjuring situation . On March, 5th last year when the cadet was on duty in a dining room, it have beaten after a breakfast for table layout ignorance, and during a supper - for ostensibly dirty ware. In the evening, having left school, Sagitov has glanced to the familiar pensioner at whom his parents coming to Novosibirsk to visit the son stopped, was locked in a bathroom and with an edge from the shaving machine tool has opened to itself veins.

today the parties will interrogate victims. According to the investigation, some of them accused too beat, other steels victims vymogatelstv and moshennichestv.