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In the Supreme court have not heard the complaint of the former militiaman

the Supreme court of the Russian Federation has upheld a sentence of Omsk regional court to the former deputy chief of the Department of Internal Affairs across the Omsk region, the chief of an investigatory part of the regional Department of Internal Affairs Boris Hmelevu. Yesterday on it has informed a press - the secretary of Omsk regional court Julia Sokolenko. past Thursday, after consideration of the appeal of Hmeleva, the Supreme court has refused its satisfaction. Thus, the sentence of Omsk regional court has come into force - has explained g - zha Sokolenko. We will remind, in November of last year the Omsk regional court has sentenced colonel Boris Hmeleva to five years of a colony of a high security for attempt at bribe reception in especially large size (ch. 3 items 30, the item g ch. 4 items 290 of the criminal code of Russian Federation). Its former assistant passing on the same business, the chief of department on personnel and educational work of investigatory management colonel Ivan Rytov has received two and a half a year for complicity in bribe reception (ch. 3 items 30, ch. 5 items 33, the item g ch. 4 items 290). Both also are deprived for three years of the right to occupy posts in authorities. After announcement of a sentence Boris Hmelev and Ivan Rytov have been detained in a court hall. As appears from business materials, in December, 2006 the chairman Omsk rajpo Leonid Borodin against whom criminal case upon causing of a damage to shareholders has been brought, has addressed through the intermediary - the lieutenant colonel of militia in Sergey Rylova`s resignation - to Boris Hmelevu to discuss possibility of removal of action. For the business closing, which investigation it was supervised by the first persons of the Department of Internal Affairs of area, the deputy chief of the Department of Internal Affairs it has requested 300 thousand rbl., thus half of money resources should receive before decision removal. By words g - on Borodino, having noticed that after numerous negotiations and the reached arrangements activity of a consequence does not decrease, he has suspected a deceit and began to be afraid that it can make the briber . Therefore in April, 2007 he has informed on an event to the familiar employee of regional management of Federal Agency of safety, later has written the statement of fact of extortion and a bribe. On April, 30th Sergey Rylov has met Ivan Rytovym and has transferred it the first part of the sum - 150 thousand rbl. Right after it Rytov has been caught red-handed by employees of FSB. Boris Hmelev and Ivan Rytov the fault did not recognise.