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you when last time Poor Lizu read?

the choreographer Alla Sigalov has told Marias Sidelnikovoj about the new performance.
as though you have defined a genre Poor Lizy ? It is more drama or choreographic performance?

it seems To me that in the poster very exact definition is made: it is a choreographic short story on music of a chamber opera of Leonid Desjatnikova. For a long time already all over the world there is no such rigid differentiation - movement, a choreography or drama theatre. Many performances exist on a joint of arts and genres, and I think that ours Poor Lizu it is possible to carry to this category. In the West people have already got used to such statements. After all the formed person wants to see and perceive something new. It is impossible to become isolated on something one, it is uninteresting and it is boring.

you followed Karamzin`s classical plot or have transferred action to today?

I changed nothing in a plot. At us to a press - release it is written that all occurs today. But what difference - in today there are heroes or hundred years ago? How you define it? On suits? On shoes? It seems to me that there are timeless spaces and stories. poor Liza just one of the such. Though, of course, we tell everyone about ourselves. Matter is not in a plot. You when last time Poor Lizu read? Most likely, as well as the majority, at school. You now re-read - and there will be absolutely other sensation. Here matter is not in thought and not in a plot, and in the emotional maintenance. And it has appeared in performance first of all thanks to Leonid Desjatnikova`s fine music.

As there was an idea to put performance on music of a chamber opera of Leonid Desjatnikova which he has written still the student?

I know for a long time and I love its music, but an opera Poor Liza which almost Yury Borisov at Theatre Pokrovsk 30 years ago has put, I did not see. And a disk with music have written down more recently, and it has casually appeared at me in hands. Having heard to it, I have understood at once that would like to work with this musical material. Lenja in music changed nothing, but some changes are all the same brought. Music, unfortunately, sounds in record, without live musicians. These are our compelled anti-recessionary measures.

why you have chosen Chulpan Hamatovu and Andrey Merkureva?

I with them would like to work for a long time, but it was necessary to find a suitable material, and I it have waited. I had not to change anything in performance specially for Chulpan because my primary plan has been directed on it. And to work with Andrey, it seems to me, each choreographer dreams.