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MTS has refused from the Beta link

MTS breaks off relations with cellular ritejlerom the Beta link . The franchajzingovoe partnership has not existed also half a year. a beta link it has appeared on the verge of ruin, having closed the majority of the salons, and MTS, having bought in February a network Phone. Ru asserts that has provided a necessary break-even sales level. To sort out relations the former partners will continue in court: MTS demands with the Beta link 840 million rbl. which has given in the autumn ritejleru on network development.
that MTS has made the decision to terminate the agreement with the Beta link Elena Kohanovsky has told the director of department for public relations of MTS. After MTS has concluded a number of new agreements with regional dealers, has bought a network Phone. Ru thereby having provided a necessary break-even sales level The agreement with the Beta link has lost meaning, and MTS has decided to get rid of necessity to bear additional expenditure under the agreement. Legally rupture of relations of the company intend to issue in the near future - the madam Kohanovsky speaks. To receive the comment of the president the Beta link Vladimir Annenkov yesterday it was not possible, its mobile phone did not answer.

MTS has entered into the partner agreement with the Beta link which network at that point in time totaled 650 salons that 5 % of the market of sales of cellular telephones, autumn of last year, after " were equivalent; Vympelcom has bought 49,9 % of the largest cellular ritejlera the Euronetwork at businessman Alexander Mamuta. On agreement conditions (it was prolonged monthly) the Beta link Within a year should translate under MTS brand all salons, besides, ritejler should refuse sale of contracts of competitors of operators. According to a source familiar with the agreement, instead of MTS should pay a monthly royalty, and also has granted the loan at a rate of 840,7 million rbl. on network development. Elena Kohanovsky does not make comments on the scheme vzaimoraschetov between the companies.

but one of these days MTS has submitted the claim on Joint-Stock Company beta the Link in the Moscow arbitration court with the requirement to return these means (it is registered in a card file of affairs from February, 25th). the Economic situation the Beta link does not allow it to pay off extrajudicially, and we have been compelled to resort to such measure - the madam Kohanovsky explains. It does not open, how many during action of the agreement with ritejlerom the operator has paid as a royalty under the agreement. In the end of the last year a source familiar with agreement conditions, said that the Beta link receives from the operator about $2 million a month, that is the general payments of MTS in this time could make $8 million Elena Kohanovsky this figure does not make comments.

on the end of December, not including salons the Beta link at MTS was more than 1,7 thousand points of sales. In the middle of February the company has increased their quantity by 512 salons, having bought 100 % ritejlera Phone. Ru for $60 million (see from February, 11th). The operator can attach 380 More salons to the network in the near future: in the beginning of month MTS board of directors has approved purchase of a cellular battalion Eldorado - Open Company Eldorado - the centre and Open Company communication Salons Eldorado (see from January, 27th). As earlier declared in MTS, they consider as the optimal monobrendovuju a network approximately from 2,5 thousand salons.

From the beginning of this year the Beta link has closed the majority of shops in variety of regions. hardly the Beta link it is capable to pay off from MTS, no material actives at it are present. Most likely, the company should declare itself the bankrupt - leading analyst Mobile Research Group of Eldar Murtazin argues. Save situation ritejlera sale to the foreign investor could. In February about plans to buy the Beta link has unexpectedly declared the Euronetwork directed to Federal antimonopoly service the corresponding petition. The general director Euronetworks Sergey Yushchenko has refused yesterday comments, however the source in ritejlere has explained that acquisition the Beta link it is improbable. Besides, any judicial claims to the company reduce its appeal in the opinion of the potential buyer - the interlocutor " underlines; .