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The Bushersky atomic power station basically it is completed

Yesterday during visit on the Bushersky atomic power station in Iran head Rosatom Sergey Kirienko (on a photo on the right) has declared that building - installation works on it basically are finished . Now, as he said, it is necessary to spend starting-up and adjustment works. Before in February on station have delivered imitating teplovydeljajushchie assemblages (the models identical to the present, but without sharing materials). Them will load into the reactor then it is necessary to spend a number of tests.

the atomic power station which experts from Siemens have started to build still at shahskom a mode, is constructed about 35 years. The contract with Russian atomshchikami has signed Iran in 1995, having stipulated that it will be necessary to use not completed first block Bushera. To this nuclear station nobody was engaged in combination of various nuclear technologies that became one of principal causes of delay of building. Now, according to the Iranian party, readiness of Bushera makes as a whole 95,5 %. Sergey Kirienko said that the part of systems is ready on 99,9 %. Readiness of others is much less. For example, the thermal protection is ready on 50 %, but to finish it it is possible only after hydrotests.

the question on terms of start of the atomic power station remains opened. There was an end of 2009 last called date of input. But yesterday Sergey Kirienko to confirm term has refused. After negotiations with the head of the Iranian organisation of atomic energy Goljamrezoj Agazade (on a photo at the left) head Rosatom has noticed that there is a co-ordinated schedule of tests which need to be spent, and input term can be accelerated or be slowed down how will take place tests. Mister Agazade has noticed only that is satisfied by a present condition of the atomic power station, which gives the chance to hope for station start . In parallel the parties discuss the contract on delivery for the fuel atomic power station for ten years and creation of the joint venture for joint operation of station. The existing contract provides that within a year after its commissioning the Russian experts should serve.

, Busher - Teheran