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Communicating with a top - managers of the telecommunication companies, I constantly enrich the lexicon with everyones poluslengovymi expressions and words. Now the most fashionable word combination, with which bravo my newsmakers operate, is kost redakshn (cost reduction - reduction of costs!) . Basically, anything ridiculous in this expression is not present. Ordinary kost redakshn are rather unpleasant events. Coffee in the automatic machine has come to an end, and nobody loads it, means at the enterprise kost redakshn . Have covered new projects - means too kost redakshn . At last, the most unpleasant in kost redakshn is a dismissal of employees. In general, anything ridiculous.

but all a top - managers from whom I had to hear about kost redakshn did not resemble at all unfortunate people. On the contrary, saying these two words, ordinary all ironically smile and release type jokes: do not eat a sweet entirely, at us kost redakshn . Such here semiblack humour.

about the reasons of the thoughtless relation to so serious process, as reduction of costs, in a mode off - a record any manager can tell. Here our commercial director bargained three hours with printing house and has beaten out a discount of 12 thousand roubles for the press of advertising production. Each business hour of the commercial director costs $600. Such here kost redakshn - has told to me in private conversation a top - the manager of one large operator.

the head of other very large company of minutes 40 told to me about kost redakshn and when I have asked, whether he knows, what circulation publishes their corporate magazine, was found out that to my interlocutor is not known not only circulation, but also the fact of its existence. Whether it is necessary to say that subscribers for whom this magazine is issued, and do not know for a long time anything about it. When I named circulation volume, to me have not believed and began to twist at a temple. But, having convinced that I was not mistaken, and the circulation polnotsvetnogo tolstenkogo a magazine makes almost a half-million of copies, my interlocutor hardly was kept in the armchair (literally words) and about kost redakshn any more did not tell. He has only wisely noticed: If stars are lighted, it means to someone it is necessary .

By the way, in the edition which are letting out mysterious magazine in mad circulation, too kost redakshn . The familiar freelancer as - that have asked to write to it, and the representative of the edition has declared at once: we can not Pay, on edition of the budget is not present . The cynicism, of course, amazes. On the press of almost semimillion circulation of means is, and on the journalistic work which share in the general cost price of such product mizer, - is not present.

Now I too smile, when I hear about kost redakshn .