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Opinion of experts and participants of the tender

Alexander Shvirikasov, the general director engineering - the building company neviss - the Complex :

- Advantage of the project for participants of competition is the guaranteed budgetary financing. Thus the experience first in Russia " could become unconditional plus for a city; open restoration by analogy to similar projects in the European capitals. Our company intends to suggest - not to close such concept object for visitors and not to enclose with its continuous fence, and to equip object with television cameras and the excursion routes, allowing to observe of a restoration course. Thus within the limits of the project we assume to organise the master - classes and concerts - for example, at the Maryinsky Theater our idea preliminary have already supported. Minus of the project I would name the risks connected with minimisation of expenses, and organizational efforts from - for absence of coordination on a number of methods and kinds of works.

Alexander Gordeyev, the assistant to the general director Setlprof :

- Pluses of the project we consider possibility to participate in reconstruction of world famous historical object and stable financing within the limits of the state order. Minuses consist in absence of the working documentation prepared in full which should be finished in the course of reconstruction, and also a considerable quantity soglasujushchih instances and risk of bureaucratic delays.

Nikita Javejn, the head of an architectural workshop Studio - 44 the councillor on cultural heritage preservation at the government of St.-Petersburg (the author of projects of reconstruction of some federal monuments of the Mihajlovsky summer residence and East wing of the General staff):

- Unique plus - attention attraction to the Summer garden. But the ideology of the project regarding a speculative reconstruction of initial shape of a garden, especially buildings novodelov, raises at my the big doubts. In the Summer garden it is possible to work only in a prospecting mode, since pure restoration and the decision of prime problems - restoration and copying of statues, a reconstruction of an original form of a fencing, preservation of vases. But it at all that amount of works and not that money which are declared in the conditions of auction. In the conditions of crisis it is necessary to rescue emergency monuments and to finish that is already restored. And auction on global reconstruction of the Summer garden without distinct prospects of financing to declare doubtful, especially today.

Elena Lashkova, the general director of Open Company geoizol (spent it is repair - restoration works in the Summer garden, memorial estates Oranienbaum and Tsarskoje Selo ):

- We are not going to participate in auction though we count on reception subpodrjada in this project. I consider actual a reconstruction of historical reliability and improvement of a physical condition of a garden, and the project - thought over and sparing from the point of view of landscape transformation. Correctly and that auction is declared now: in crisis it is necessary to throw all forces on strengthening of the status of Petersburg as tourism capitals. The negative moments in the project I do not see provided that it will be realised with full volume of financing. Otherwise there is a danger that the project remains not finished or will be poorly realised.