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From offices

In official mailing after state registration in Ministry of Justice the instruction of the Ministry of transport of Russia " has arrived; About an order of delivery of licences for international transportation of cargoes and passengers and connected with them transportno - forwarding services on motor transport . The new document demands for reception of the licence besides representation of a usual package of documents also acknowledgement of professional suitability of the head of the licensed enterprise or the persons authorised by it for a management by licensed activity.
to receive the corresponding document, it is necessary to know the international conventions and the intergovernmental agreements regulating the international automobile communication, and also the rules established by the legislation of foreign countries in which transportations are carried out. For acknowledgement of such knowledge it is necessary to pass examination or to be trained in the specialised educational centre (such centres are in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Bryansk, Omsk and Saratov). The centres grant certificates on the termination of the first grade level (fortnight internal courses) which grant the right to the licence for a period of 1 year. Licences for a period of 5 years stand out to firms in which there are experts with the certificate of the full termination of courses (final fortnight courses not later than 1 year from the date of certificate delivery).
Without training passage to licensed activity the persons having not less of 5 years of the experience of work on the organisation of the international automobile transportations are supposed. The licence for international transportation grants the right to its owner to transport cargoes and passengers in all kinds of automobile communications as well in territory of Russia.

the order of the mayor of Moscow, confirming additional requirements to an order of placing of trading booths and the organisation melkoroznichnoj trade in capital Has arrived in mailing. Henceforth booths cannot be placed on lawns, in arches of buildings and in the places complicating movement of pedestrians. In them it is impossible to sell now difficult technical equipment, and also foodstuff without domestic certificates. In the absence of a refrigerating machinery sale of the perishable goods is forbidden.