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That was during a week

Sociable customs of president Richard of M.Nixon who has begun the studying of a present political situation in Russia from meetings with Alexander Rutsky and Gennady Zyuganov, has caused in president Yeltsin strong indignation. The offended Russian president has resolutely refused to Nixon an audience, having added, as the government not signs, and Filatov will not accept. Let knows that Russia all - taki the great country .
As Nixon went to Russia not just as the inquisitive traveller, free to choose to itself a society about taste, and initially solicited reception at the higher Russian heads to begin visits with Rutsky and Zyuganov, placing priorities thus, really not quite in compliance with diplomatic etiquette. Against an old story with hotel Uotergejt of course, a trifle, and all - taki - faux pas. Yeltsin behaved approximately as the Pope who has learnt that somebody, having introduced itself the pious pilgrim, after the arrival to Rome instead of to begin with starting a kissing of a papal shoe, has immediately directed in the Roman brothels and therefrom not vylazit - it is natural that chances of such pilgrim of an audience at the Father strongly decrease. However the history niksonovskogo zjuganovgejta can have and curious economic implied sense. In 1956 Milton Friedman`s zealous opponent and M.Keynes`s not less zealous admirer John antimonetarist John K.Gelbrejt so wrote M.Nixon about Richard: Our country costs on a fork of a political way. In one direction - the slander and fear earth, the earth of the artful insinuation, the poisoned feather, anonymous phone call and a fussy crush, the earth of destruction, predatoriness and a victory by all means. It is Nixon`s earth. But America can choose and something another . Having refused monetarism and having passed on kejnsianskie rails in economy, Yeltsin and Tchernomyrdin, possibly, have decided to execute at the same time and political precepts of Gelbrejta - and have chosen something another .
this Choice the confidant uotergejtskogo the hero has rather afflicted Nixon`s retinue, and, our former compatriot Dmitry Tsimes has reproached ungrateful Yeltsin, having specified, what exactly Nixon has entered for the first time Yeltsin into the White house to the president Bush.
it is probable, Tsimes syzmalstva has been so keen on political science that did not read Three musketeers and, it is investigatory, does not know Athos`s axiomatic words - Dear d ` Artanjan, you always will be the very foul author of letters. To reproach with blessing - means to offend . On the other hand, ignorans Tsimesa extends not only on the novel Three musketeers but also on managements on diplomatic practice. Solving a problem, as though to communicate to more or less doubtful figures of host country, without dropping at the same time advantage of the power and without generating ambiguous interpretation, diplomats have invented a convenient post a press - the attache who in kinds of scientific studying of the press and public opinion communicates at times with the most surprising people, and then privately reports on results of the conversations on the ambassador who in the opinion of public appears as though and there is nothing. Applying the given standard model to to great embassy Nixon, it is easy to notice that in a role communicating with Rutsky the crafty attache Tsimes consisting at Nixon on pobegushkah should act just. Having neglected the direct duty and having substituted a cartridge, Tsimes has not thought up anything the best, than to fall down all on ungrateful Yeltsin - than once again has proved, how it is unreasonable to import Sovietologists from Russia to the USA, though as Russian proverb says applicable and to transatlantic realities, Sovietologists do not sow and do not reap (and equally do not import.-), they grow .
Along with Sovietologists do not sow and do not reap as well general public prosecutors. Stockbroker Konstantin Borovoj marked, what tremendous impression has made on it Alexey Kazannik with diction of the mentally retarded child and similar acts and the general public prosecutor has decided to finish definitively impressionable Borovogo and has informed that federation Council should not accept it, Kazannika, resignation.
if to speak about public prosecutor`s diction Borovoj is, of course, weak in defectology. The manner of public prosecutor`s speech (accurately cut phrases, total absence inevitable in live speech of syntactic errors, absence normal for Russian speech of a reduction of unaccented vowels and swallowing of consonants, i.e. actually lifeless, an artificial language) if also causes regrettable associations is faster with kalligraficheski the elaborate manner of the letter observed at some kinds of a schizophrenia - and children`s debilizm here is resolute there is nothing. Another matter that public prosecutor`s revelations really should shake the impressionable person. Resignation indeed not always happens is dictated by sincere desire to leave a post, and can be, along with other, as well pressure means, way of trade etc. But under all circumstances game in resignation assumes certain rules and certain risk: Having made a resignation, the politician can appoint conditions at which it is ready to take it back but if its conditions are not accepted and the more so if it even did not appoint them, it is compelled to be responsible for the words and - perhaps, with a terrible tooth gnash - to leave from a post. In transfer with inoplanetnogo language (on what, according to some observers, Kazannik expresses) on its Russian appeal to Council of Federation sounds as follows: I have burnt the ships, and have then changed the mind, so you these ships, please, restore . Not only in Russia, but also on all Earth such manner of business management testifies to extreme inability to realise sense of the actions and, is investigatory, to be responsible for them. On pertinent at discussion of acts of the former public prosecutor legal language it is called as incapacity, and reasonings about aliens are better for using at the analysis of acts of any cosmonaut - but in any way the lawyer.
the Importunate mention of the alien, probably, is connected with the sixtieth anniversary marked on March, 9th from the date of a birth of cosmonaut Gagarin. Gagarin`s well colleague the Duma member - cosmonaut Sevastyanov has noticed that a number of mythological representations has been connected with a name of the first cosmonaut and one schoolgirl of the third class and has written in the school composition: Gagarin has not died at all. It has simply departed on other planet and still when - nibud to us will return .
If the third-grader of the right for Gagarin`s role - the alien along with Kazannikom can apply and chairman RDDR Gabriel Popov. Having established that all incident with amnesty is an intrigue of presidential administration, Priests has given an example other artful intrigue which were taking place on October, 3rd of last year: It was necessary to go on special actions: to take away militia, to create at opposition temptation of an easy victory, ` to substitute ` the mayoralty and television, to let in Moscow groups from a province and etc. .
At the analysis of events on October, 3rd two versions steadily compete. One believe what to see in an immemorial Russian brothel premudrokovarnyj a plan is about the same what to accuse Nikolay I in conscious provotsirovanii events on December, 14th, 1825. Others consider that the weakness of the state cannot be anything other, as soon as the conscious strong-willed certificate of the same state - to deceive opponents. Dispute purely philosophical and consequently basically the unsoluble. However in a case with Popovym philosophical dispute (as it is frequent with Popovym happens) gets tragifarsovyj a shade. Priests, acting in the night from 3 for October, 4th from a Moscow Council balcony, explained an event in any way insidiousness of the president, but the immanent nature of the Soviet power and has urged to level physically the White house with the earth - and immediately. If bloody Yeltsin nevertheless took away to artillery arguments more likely a psychological role Priests assigned a part to them purely demolition: The shooting purpose not capitulation, but destruction. Since that night any essentially new information on events on October, 3rd has not increased, it is investigatory, some thousand persons under fragments of the White house were ready to destroy Priests that the small part from them has given in on conscious Yeltsin provocation is unique. Probably, of course, that Priests only now has understood, in what business, but after such incendiary appeals it is accepted to inform at least: Excuse, has changed the mind . That essentially does not remember Priests today that he spoke and did yesterday, many see display of extreme cynicism, but now for nazyvanija the person, not capable to be responsible for the speeches and acts, much more successful word is found: the alien.