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800 million francs, or $140 million - such is recently counted up total revenue of organizers of every possible lotteries in France. Casual players it is not counted. Basically this sum collects at the expense of million the players who are regularly taking part in similar, according to the overwhelming majority of the population, doubtful actions. Each of them, probably, does not lose hope, what on this - that time he will manage to enter into number of prize-winners - billionaires (them on the beginning of March to France already more than hundred). Newspaper Le Monde by means of the doctor of sociology Jean - Pierre Martinoni - Jutena tries to find out, on what the gaming that induces millions people keeps to chase for enough - taki illusive hope, regularly to put in these searches decent enough sums - and that businessmen of a gaming that it is easier to carry away in this precipice of the clients should know.
According to Martinoni - Jutena, the main quality of the player which with success is used by organizers of a gaming, - temperament and ability selflessly to be fond. After all it should overcome own avarice, counteraction native, temptation to spend money for something another, not less grasping... For this purpose it is necessary very to want to play. Not casually most of all (in percentage terms to total of inhabitants) constant participants of lotteries and totes - on Corsica. In the same place, where the population does least bank contributions, especially deposits. On the contrary, the population of Brittany, different the big calmness and the steadiness adjoining already with coldness and callousness, in various gamblings almost does not play. And certainly, bank contributions counting on soul of the population on peninsula more than in any other area of France. However if to compare Frenchmen to Spaniards on their love to a lottery all Frenchmen appear absolutely passionless people - to Spaniards it far. The average Frenchman spends no more than 18 francs (about $3) infections for a lotto and no more than 30 francs (about $5) on tickets Tac - O - Tac. However, all these figures are rather approximate, for the account of lottery players is extremely complicated. It is counted up, however, that in France average annual charges on a lottery make approximately 480 francs on the inhabitant ($80). In Spain this figure above several times - however precisely it is unknown, for there the statistics is organised much worse. Lately the lotto extends to the North Africa where hopes to find the fertile field. But we will return to France. Kinds of lotteries here set. It and all a known sports lottery, and less popular among foreigners Tac - o - Tac, Bingo, Keno. It is characteristic that already the state which concerned to " earlier; to players Mistrustfully, as to people unreliable and destabilising a society, began to consider that game - the same kind of earnings, as well as everyone another. Those who plays, any more do not consider as potential idlers, after all in France now constantly play more than 30 % of all population (it is a question of a lotto, the most simple and popular game). There are bright enough and quite explainable social laws. Than income of the person, than below its social status less, it is especially located to game.
the big role in distribution of a lotto and to it of similar games the economic crisis has played. It has made an economic situation of families astable, and against such instability of a lottery with their casual prize look any more so unusually. Since 1975 when in France the lotto has been based, the economic crisis has begun, the quantity of games has repeatedly increased. 1984 to year there was lottery Tac - O - Tac, in 85 - m - the Sport lotto, in 87 - m - so-called the Green carpet . In the latest time instant lotteries began to blossom. Three years ago the well-known game " has been created; the Millionaire set up an amazing record: for 16 months it has been sold more than billion tickets.
and at last, last, unusual enough aspect of games noted by the doctor of sociology. Popularity first of all the most simple games is not too surprising. But it is strange that the more silly rules, the more wishing to play. Martinoni - Juten explains it to that in the absence of sense the player finds him in rules, and does it so that game appears for it especially promising.