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The credit - cards and travel - checks

the delivery beginning the Moscow bank of the Savings Bank of Russia of plastic cards of system STB - Card became the Most appreciable event in the Russian market of plastic means of payment past week. Clients of bank had an opportunity to get currency and rouble STB - Card in it odelenijah. Now the number of branches of the bank which is giving out cards, is rather limited. But in some months delivery STB - Card and service of their owners 740 branches of bank will make all. Cost of reception of a card and the size of its annual service are defined at a rate of 500 roubles. At reception of available funds and for carrying out of non-cash payments by a card from clients of the Savings Bank commission fee will not be kept. And from owners STB - Card, emitted other banks, at delivery of cash will raise the commission at a rate of 1,5 % on rouble and 1 % on currency cards. Convenience to holders STB - Card, unlike owners of the usual current account in the Savings Bank, consists that cash by a card can be received in any branch of bank. The owner of a card can charge to the Savings Bank automatic carrying out of utility bills. Under rouble accounts the Savings Bank charges 40 % annual, on currency - 3 %. Savings Bank occurrence in payment system STB - Card means that this card becomes fast can the most mass payment tool in territory of Russia.
as to cards of the international sample past week reduction of tariffs on delivery of card VISA declared Inkombank. The size of the minimum rest on a settlement card of Inkombank - VISA has been lowered from $3000 to $1500. Besides, the bank has offered a complex of additional services to owners of cards. Henceforth at reception of a card the client of bank can get free of charge telephone card Foncard (the first similar service was offered several months ago for the clients by the Bridge - bank) and discount card IAPA. Besides, owners of cards of bank can receive various insurance policies Ingosstraha . Inkombank also has lowered the size of commission fee at carrying out by cards of operations of payment - about 1 % to 0,5 %.
past week Tehnobank has declared the exit on the market of plastic means of payment. Henceforth in bank it is possible to receive cash by cards of international sample American Express, EuroCard/ Master Card and Diners Club. The commission in favour of bank at carrying out of this operation is defined in 4 %. The Same size of commission fee is established by bank at purchase practically all kinds of traveller`s cheques. Besides, Tehnobank became agent Kredobanka on distribution of cards CREDO Card - VISA. Quotations of Tehnobanka at delivery of cards correspond to tariffs of Kredobanka.