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Pushkin was the Sheep, and Nikolay I - the Dragon. Probably, it something means

Andrey Bitov has developed Rudiments of an astrology of Russian culture . The new philosophical encyclopaedia is published. In publishing house the Book garden there was a book of prose of Igor Tarasevich.

ANDREY of BITS and the international association the culture World have published a charming book Rudiments of an astrology of Russian culture (30 thousand, 48 with.) Drawings to it were made by Rezo Gabriadze. In conversation with astrologist Michael Levin the writer joking considers history of the Russian literature through an astrological crystal, finding out, who from our classics in east animalistic calendar corresponded to what sign. Zodiac signs of interlocutors not so interest, for if dvenadtsatiletie characterises generation, and zodiac sign the person to dig in the biography it would not be desirable... Therefore Tolstoy and Dostoevsky is more interesting to me as the Rat and the Snake, than as the Maiden and the Scorpion . To dig in the biography it is necessary to the reader - it is offered to it game in classics and as the grant in the appendix the list of Russian writers with birth date and birth place and death instructions is given. The author and its interlocutor come to an interesting conclusion: in a vector circle continuers why - that are located opposite to those to whom they inherit. Presence of two great Snakes - Gogol and Dostoevsky - has provided a birth of two ingenious Pigs last year centuries: as though answering them, in 1899 were born Platons and Nabokov . As, leaning against a science, it is proved that Pushkin did not have a continuer. But Bits warns the reader while that has not played at all: It is impossible to be that by whom you are born - it is possible to become only to by what you are born. I have not clearly told?
the unprecedented reference media is let out Progress - the Encyclopedia . It is the first in postrevolutionary Russia the Short philosophical encyclopaedia (50 thousand, 576 with.) As philosophical dictionaries and the encyclopaedias published earlier, were, on expression of the director of publishing house and the editor - composer Evgenie Gubsky, no more than ideological directories . The present edition is based on materials of articles from philosophical dictionaries of Germany, the USA, England. Also the texts written specially for this encyclopaedia are included in the edition. The book contains more than 3500 articles opening the maintenance of the major concepts of all areas of philosophy: gnoseology, metaphysics, psychology, ethics, an aesthetics, legal philosophy, history and culture, religious philosophy. Having counted Marx as the economist, and Marxism - ideology, composers with such names have refused articles. To Lenin of own space has not got, but in section the Historical materialism it nevertheless is mentioned.
the book of prose of Igor TARASEVICH Svoz glass left in the Moscow publishing house the Book garden (10 thousand, 400 with.). Here already published stories are collected and to move, with a known measure of convention divided into two parts. The first - Through glass - unites household and everyday stories (Tarasevich first of all the story-teller). It seems, the author is deprived illusions and is rigid to the characters pity and false (but it not the next forcing of horrors, and Gogol and Dostoevsky`s accurately traced tradition) and still hoping on something. Perhaps, fortunately ( Night before Christmas Through glass ), maybe, on possibility of disposal of loneliness ( We should speak with each other ), maybe, on understanding of that around - in life, in the nature, in the history - occurs ( Parking in port ) . However, hoping in vain. But the doomed hope also reconciles Tarasevich with its heroes. The second part George and the Dragon unites fantastic and strange stories, and also fairy tales in a new way. The fairy tale which has entitled section, how the hero by name of George stops on entrance to a city to wash the car, and unexpectedly finds out in a pond a monster ready, apparently, to attack bathing woman. As a result the hero wins. However, rescued woman appears zmeevoj the girl-friend. The story ending: the GAI officer... Has turned and has saluted George so stood - with a hand under a peak - all time while George passed by. People at a bus stop have waved to it hands, and one woman, having lifted the child, has shown to its George, and it, having torn off already nothing feeling, stiffened hand from the gear change lever, has made salutatory and blagoslavljajushchy gesture .