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The review of advertising campaigns

the Russian television advertising finds out own ways of development

the Beginning of this week has stood out celebratory that has given public in almost unseparable order of television. Following the established tradition, all TV programs tried to entertain audience to the best of the ability and possibilities - it is natural, taking into account ladies` specificity.

last celebratory week the advertising policy of almost all broadcasting companies and programs remained as a whole traditional. Rather reserved presence of advertising on channels Ostankino RTV and NTV; a plentiful advertising stream, times passing in flooding, on the channel 22 . In general, any surprises. Rather niggardly advertising impregnations since the morning, along toward evening - this standard world tradition the domestic television has acquired gradual increase of teleadvertising pressure and has taken advantage, being guided by scientifically checked up recipes of the western commercial broadcasting companies. Meanwhile we do not have only special day advertising block calculated on housewives - washing and cleaners, recipes of fast cookery, the kitchen technics and house design.
as to March, 8th. On a TV screen it was possible to fix two or three attempts of use of a theme of women`s day for the purpose of advertising motivation of purchase. Were recommended: the Vedic recipe-book (it a charming newly-married couple) and furs from " represented; the Iceberg (the static teleannouncement), and was made impression that celebratory inserts have been added to already ready advertising products. Firm L ` Oreal also has united in congratulatory whole some advantageous shots from the old rollers.
All other weight of advertising teleproduction has appeared in every day execution. Nevertheless the domestic spectator is capable to take from advertising not only necessary to it (or unnecessary) the information. He has the right to expect from advertising of any cultural or emotional indemnification - better to say, entertainments. Especially by a holiday.
in such aspect it is possible to consider and analyse the typical advertising block which almost invariably is passing on all television channels in everyday life and holidays. For convenience it is possible to divide advertising production into three conditional groups.
to the first celebratory to group advertising teleannouncements concern. Announcements moved without a special delicacy, in the form of a static picture or a rudimentary thematic video series, simply and well showing an advertised subject, and was accompanied by the explanatory (a creeping line, a voice-over in various combinations). Advertising in the form of the teleannouncement has occupied in holidays about third of advertising time. It is necessary to note especial functionality of the mentioned genre - usually it is the average and small business announcements calling colleagues - businessmen to wholesale and melkooptovym to purchases - some kind of a telestock exchange.
it is necessary to carry the typical advertising show made on checked up western samples to the second group of celebratory television advertising - with use of semicentenial experience of foreign advertising. Recently domestic commercials have so come nearer to foreign prototypes what to distinguish them there is all more difficultly - at times recognition is promoted by an advertising subject, but not always. In a basis of this kind of publicity has been put accessible mini - a plot developed round the advertised goods or service and played by quite professional executors. The classical genre of television advertising has appeared before us in celebratory week and in musical - a comic variant. As, for example, advertising of biscuits the Penguin in still fashionable style a rap; and eternally vital topic of school misadventures in an amusing roller Hershi - kola - taste of a victory where by means of a wonderful drink juvenile Sidorov finds desired a three on algebra. Basically commercials of this type have appeared almost homogeneous, it was possible to feel distinction only at level of execution and the shown ingenuity.
however there was also the third, while not numerous kind of the television advertising which samples conditionally unites presence of a certain creative search. The most interesting in this while to rather isolated group: Manufacturers of television advertising are guided not by experience of foreign advertising samples and achievements, and try to develop the special advertising style answering to inquiries of the domestic consumer, got used it is more to culture advertising, than to culture of advertising. It is possible to carry a known imperial series of bank to pioneers of this conditional direction Imperial and rollers of investment fund Peter the Great . In these advertising products historical and cultural realities concern an advertising subject not directly, and on a tangent that releases them from a first-born advertising sin - nazidatelnosti - and gives to the spectator imagination possibility.
by the leader celebratory uik - enda, prolonged till Tuesday, the teleroller " can be quite named; Khoper - Invest executed in the unusual form of a sketch and remarkable uncommon actor`s execution. Actors play themselves and simultaneously play advertising that at once deduces action from one-dimensional space and gives it the parody status. The word-play along with game of actors really does the company Khoper - Invest qualitatively distinct from others.
the roller - the citation becomes a novelty of the domestic teleadvertising market. Using in an unexpected semantic foreshortening shots from known films, this kind of advertising appeals not to consumer needs, and to certain spectator erudition, than the attention draws.
so, corporate advertising the Copy begins a known scene from popular the White sun of desert and Frankon the Announcement used advantageous shots from domestic mushketerskogo a serial.
especially it would be desirable to note rather unusual advertising citation. JAlos - the bank has taken the trouble to picturize one of key scenes bulgakovskogo the novel the Master and Margarita . Voland, the Hippopotamus do not need advertising, but here Jalos - bank can be remembered to the televiewer thanks to favourite characters. As it has been quoted with taste and with love to a source.