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In hairstyles from Living Well all are solved by your individuality

Spring is good already that compels us to search for updatings, and even the most inveterate conservatives will - bondage should change something in the life - at least a fur coat for a coat. And what to speak about what requirement for updating extends not only on a fur coat, but also is much deeper, for example, on daily cosmetics. In that case it is necessary for them to go to known salon Kosmed in which this week there were at once two lines medical - preventive appointment - French and the Italian manufacture.
the thirst of changes woken in the spring, and a changeable fashion have forced leading stylists of salon Livig Well to hold a seminar and to acquaint masters of salon with a new collection of fashionable hairdresses. Practice of carrying out of similar seminars, it is possible to tell - courses of improvement of qualification is not exclusively domestic prerogative, such seminars are traditional and pass in the best hairdresser`s salons of the Western Europe.

in general in salon Kosmed (bodies. (095) 241 - 86 - 00) do not wait for spring or any special date to please clients with the next pleasant surprise. New services and preparations appear here often enough, thanks to that the salon administration watches closely cosmetology novelties in the world market. This week here there were cosmetic preparations of firm J - P Fleurimon (France) and Diana de Silva (Italy). The first line contains soya extracts, avocado and sea seaweed. Preparations of this line possess simultaneously protective and nutritious properties: They protect a skin from adverse factors of environment and, thanks to liposomes, provide a food of deep layers of a skin. The second line is intended mainly for women with a sensitive, gentle or dry skin. Preparations of this line raise level of humidity of a skin, stimulate blood circulation, so, force cages to be updated more often and more actively. The skin becomes more dense and elastic that prevents occurrence of premature wrinkles.
Eshe one pleasant news of salon: additional offices - a sun deck and two cosmetic here have opened. The complex of cosmetic procedures costs here from $20 to $28.
All solves individuality. Features define both style, and a hairdress. It is a principle, the resume, credo of all hairdressers of the world in this season. It is a principle by which are guided and leading stylists of salon Living Well (bodies. (095) 244 - 44 - 72). This week the seminar on which masters of salon have been acquainted with hairdresses - favourites of a season here has come to the end. The fine half of mankind with hair of average length can zaimet a hairdress a la Christina Orbakajte. It is almost direct deep bang. The accent becomes on individual traits of the person, therefore locks make out and as though vyleplivajut the person, opening it. Behind - all directly and almost exactly. The short hairstyle is made out approximately so: short fragmentary to the locks, framing the person, thin, graphic locks on a neck and tapering by the razor on a nape. Such hairdress does not need special leaving - only gel for locks, and a skin for a short head of hear. The hairstyle in salon will manage to you in $19 (in recalculation at the rate), a man`s hairstyle - in $15. Washing and hair dressing will be costs to you as much.