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The market of services: service for the house

Poor conditions cost now in Europe the big money

To us difficultly to explain, than the love and attachment of the western rich men to minimalism, even to primitiveness are caused. Probably, western friends - aesthetes prefer to follow almost absolute true: simplicity accompanies nobleness (there is in it, whatever you may say, a charm and even a glamour). And can be, it is melancholy of yesterday`s hippies by the youth... Anyway, but today children of colours have reached such heights that tastes of time can form. We need to tell only to you about where to restore the grandmother`s couch left in the inheritance or an aunty`s chest. Only to give old things on restoration it is necessary as soon as possible: for example, in firm Agej only last week cost of materials has increased approximately on 10 %.

That the person who has solved cardinally to change " does; the person the apartment? Correctly - buys new furniture. We hope, you will not run in the nearest shop to buy there any a wall . All - taki, selecting furniture, it is possible a little and pooriginalnichat (in reasonable, of course, limits). And time so, haste here it is perfect to what: it is possible to wait couple of weeks (if to order furniture under catalogues of the western firms) or even some months (if to make it to order). Unfortunately, in the first case you are not insured completely not that arrived to you the set will be similar to set somebody from your acquaintances. Mass production - it and in Africa mass. Therefore remains old tested way - to order furniture in any of firms.
However, here not got used to a problem of a choice the person can become in deadlock. Do not despair - as a last resort take on an old Russian habit a view of the western market of furniture. Then you will find out that some your representations about it are not absolutely true. For example, an established opinion that in Europe and America all are fond a technopolis it is a little erroneous: the similar design is used basically at offices. Now in a favour two styles: ancient and so-called shabby looks.
It is explained: shabby looks (in translation from English - worn ) Is a style which, if not to know, how many there is a furniture executed in it, casts meditations about semibeggarly existence of pre-revolutionary handicraftsmen. Tables and chairs as though already were in the use . The furniture in this style is made of a tree that partly explains its high cost. Other explanation of its considerable price is a fashion. Here they, paradoxes of imperialism: Europeans are ready to lay out thousand dollars that their dwelling reminded a shanty.
conditions in ancient style, of course, cost is not cheaper in any way (and it to us to understand much easier). But only the furniture really should be ancient, instead of counterfeit. For example, as a case the old grandmother`s dresser which by mere chance have not thrown out on a garbage heap of history still half a century ago can quite fit. Well and the furniture made in last or century, especially, before last is in general a glamour and to become its owner, it is necessary to be valid the man of means.
Inhabitants of the Russian capitals too can join the western fashion. Basically, the firms which are engaged in manufacturing of furniture to order, it is a lot of. However, not all of them can execute any order - piece work demands time and special skill. On restoration of ancient furniture and furniture manufacturing semi-antique some firms specialise: Moscow the Golden section (bodies. (095) 391 - 99 - 67), Agej (bodies. (095) 242 - 92 - 50), Gelos (bodies. (095) 251 - 13 - 16) and sankt - Petersburg Akant (bodies. (812) 306 - 49 - 03). Restoration cost in them is high enough (approximately 30 % from cost of the thing, and in others, well the most extreme cases, the estimate of restoration works can exceed much more cost of the antiques). Furniture cost semi-antique too it is great and depends on complexity of work. The same firms can undertake furniture manufacturing in style shabby looks.