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Conference of detective services

Private detectives create uniform information system

Yesterday in Moscow at office is security - detective association Lions (street Rozanova, d. 8) there has passed conference Perfection of work of private detective and security structures, security services of banks, the insurance companies and business concerns and questions of their interaction with the state law enforcement bodies . It was the first meeting in which have taken part not only Moscow is security - detective agencies, but also detective firms from regions and the near abroad. Detectives have made unprecedented decision to create uniform multipurpose inter-regional information system of security services of banks and other commercial structures.

Sergey Stepnov, the president it is security - detective association Lions (The organizer and the initiator of conference) has noticed that interests of criminal circles recently have changed: now their attention is concentrated to banks, the insurance companies, the large commercial organisations and even on separate known bankers and businessmen. And, in opinion g - on Stepnova, now intentions of criminals do not include primitive extortion, is faster shadow leaders aspire to take large not state structures under the control. For achievement of the purposes criminals use not only precautionary explosions and arsons, but also murders of the businessmen who have not obeyed to them. One commercial structures in similar situations prefer to give peacefully the Mafiosi a part of profit and agree on certain control over the activity from criminals. In other cases businessmen, trying to be protected from gangster control, create own security services or resort to services already existing. According to Sergey Stepnova, only in Moscow today operate more than 800 private security and detective services, however only units effectively work.
G - n Stepnov has suggested to strengthen interaction of law-enforcement bodies and private security services. In its opinion, the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs could involve on a constant basis of free detectives from work and security guards in participation in patrols and barriers. In exchange for it security services would like to have privileges at rent of premises, payment of taxes and special equipment acquisition. As an example of such interaction Sergey Stepnov has resulted the contract concluded by the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow and group the Bridge .
the Deputy chief of academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia professor Leonard Kolodkin has informed participants of conference that, under the certificate of experts of those countries where the private it is security - detective activity develops for a long time, in certain cases detectives operate more effectively, than the state law enforcement bodies. Such actions concern: bodyguard, support of valuable cargoes, an establishment and detection of means, private investigations. At the same time such crimes as murders, open public services more effectively. The representative of academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs professor Michael Zhuravlyov has stopped on one of the moments complicating activity of security and detective services. It has reminded that the Law on militia allows to apply to employees of law-enforcement bodies fire-arms much more often, rather than to private security guards. And it in spite of the fact that article 13 UK of Russia accurately regulates such concept, as necessary defence which from the legal point of view in many respects equalises the rights of militiamen and private detectives to fire-arms application.
As the major means of increase of efficiency of activity of private security and detective services many participants of conference named creation of multipurpose inter-regional information system of security services of banks, the insurance companies and the business concerns which idea was developed by association Lions . To this question, in particular, has been devoted short a press - the conference arranged g - nom to Stepnovym in a break of work of conference. Sergey Stepnov has denied representation that the general database (among which users should be and commercial structures) can be used with a view of commercial espionage and for blackmail. G - n Stepnov has noticed that the concept of the general information system provides gradualness and thematic localisation of access to a database. As an example it has resulted current interbank information system the Credit Uniting 269 commercial banks of Moscow and Moscow suburbs and 52 commercial banks from other regions of Russia. The information put in system, banks and the insurance companies, but not any other consumers can use only. The concept of a uniform database developed Lions also provides the separate levels of the information intended for different consumers (commercial structures, security and detective agencies, a management of detective associations and associations, law enforcement bodies). According to Sergey Stepnova, in the near future this system can already capture not only Russia, but also the near abroad countries, including Baltic.
participants of conference have accepted the reference to the chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow Vladimir Pankratov in which have expressed readiness to assist militia in struggle against criminality.