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on the Rogozhsky cemetery have passed on March, 11th funeral in Moscow ANASTASS ZHULEBOVOJ, one of last representatives of a known Russian sort of noble family.
till 1917 princes of Zhulebovy owned extensive estates in the Yaroslavl, Tver and Astrakhan provinces. One of their summer residences, located on the bank of Volga, has been got subsequently by Feodor Shalyapin as a summer summer residence of the singer. After revolution the family part has emigrated to France, and Anastas Zhulebova remained in Russia. Within 25 years it worked as the teacher of Russian in one of the Moscow schools.
Anastas Zhulebova has died at the age of 86 years.

On Saturday on a city cemetery in Tula have passed IGOR`S ZADULINA funeral, the assistant to the general director of Novomoskovsk joint-stock company Konkrit Ltd. .
Igor Zadulin was born in 1960 in Moscow. After the termination in 1984 of faculty of law of the Moscow state university worked in private legal office in Novomoskovsk the Tula area. In 1991 the young businessman becomes one of founders of joint-stock company Konkrit Ltd. also holds a post of its general director. Igor Zadulin has been killed in Novomoskovsk by a shot from a pistol when left together with colleagues local restaurant Southern where the joint-stock company board marked the next anniversary.
Igor Zadulin was lost at the age of 33 years.

on March, 10th in Roerich`s manor near the cities of Bangolof (India) have passed funeral of DEVIKI RANI ROERICH, widows of artist Svjatoslava Roerich, the Indian film actress.
Rabindranath Tagore Devika Rani Roerich`s grandniece was born in 1906 in India. With occurrence of a cinema it becomes the actress mute then still cinema. Blossoming of career of a film actress is necessary on 30 - e years. Devika Rani Roerich continued to act in film and with the advent of sound cinema, having won a recognition and love of judges of the Indian cinema.
Devika Rani Roerich has died at the age of 87 years.

on March, 10th in Los - Andzhelese has died CHARLES BUKOVSKI (Charles Bukowski), the American poet.
Charles Bukovski was born in 1920 in the city of Andernah (Germany). Soon after its birth the family moves in the USA where in 50 - e years Bukovski gets popularity as the informal winner of poetic competitions of the underground press of Los - Andzhelesa. Alcoholism problems, sex, violence and cruel life of beggarly disctricts of the city - the questions which were forbidden at that time in official American poetry were the basic themes of products of the beginning poet. Poetic works of Bukovski received positive estimations of critics, but wide popularity in the USA it has received only in 1978 after a film script writing the Habitue of bars . The Leading role in this film was executed by popular American actor Mikki Rourke. By in total Charles Bukovski it is written more than thousand poems, 32 poetic collections, 5 collections of short stories and 6 short stories, including the short story published in 1971 Mail being autobiographical product. Shortly before death Charles Bukovski has published the book of the letters under the name Shouts from a balcony . The collection of verses " became the Latest work of the poet; fruit Pulp .
Charles Bukovski has died at the age of 73 years from a leukaemia after long illness.


BRUCE LOKHART (Bruce Lockhart), 94 years, the English singer and the actor. Body cremation will pass on March, 12th in a crematorium of Mortlajk in London.
BRUCE KAMPBELL (Bruce Campbell), 68 years, the ornithologist and the writer, the teacher of the Oxford society of naturalists. Funeral has passed in Oxford on March, 11th.
Vladimir GRIGORIEV, 58 years, the deputy chief of a site of management of mechanisation #3 rent enterprises Mechanization #2 . On March, 12th it will be buried on the Domodedovsky cemetery.
ANATOLY FURSOV, 52 years, the deputy chief of shop of the Moscow factory of vacuum electric furnaces. Funeral has passed yesterday on the Kotljakovsky cemetery.