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The TIGER was engaged samoedstvom

In social movement of motorists the TIGER (Association of initiative citizens of Russia) which for quite some time now spends loud protest actions in regions and which have already started to accuse of shaking of a political situation in Russia, there was a split. In association it was formed two contradictory groups, each of which applies for leadership and accuses competitors in conciliation with the authorities .
In Vladivostok yesterday has passed meeting of active workers of movement the TIGER. It has come to the end with that movement has broken up into two camps. Active workers of the organisation were not in accord on forms and methods of protest activity, and also on formation of supervising body - coordination council.

Movement the TIGER so anywhere and not registered which was only group of participants of autoforums on the Internet, has managed to organise the most serious in the country from the moment of the beginning of crisis of a protest action - against increase of duties on import of foreign cars (at first in Vladivostok, and then and across Russia). From economic slogans active workers of the TIGER have passed to political and government resignation have demanded. One of their such actions has been rigidly suppressed on December, 21st spetsotrjadom militias the Bison specially directed from Moscow suburbs to Vladivostok. The majority of active workers of movement try to observe conspiracy and anonymity. Street protest actions and automobile races they will organise through the same the Internet - forums or communicating on skajpu (it is considered that this way is most protected from listening).

Actions of the TIGER have caused rigid reaction of the authorities. The secretary of seaside political council an United Russia Peter Savchuk has been sent in resignation that has supported requirements holding a meeting. Concern protest activity in Vladivostok expressed also vitse - prime minister Igor Sechin, and the first deputy of the head of fraction an United Russia in the State Duma Vladimir Pehtin has assumed that for the TIGER there can be western special services, which under the pretext of protest actions of motorists will organise mass actions on purpose to loosen a political situation in region and in Russia .

Now the TIGER the coordination council from seven persons operates. we have thrown a call on our site: who is ready to be engaged in real work, instead of to stir at forums? So the seven of the active workers, ready to be engaged in preparation of actions was defined, to co-ordinate them with the authorities and to be engaged in others orgvoprosami - has explained one of councillors Alexander Barashkov. In particular, the coordination council together with the Communist Party of the Russian Federation has organised antigovernmental meeting on January, 31st in Vladivostok on which has come about 2,5 thousand persons.

however on the past yesterday meeting the group of active workers which have accused members of coordination council in " was formed; uzurpatorstve and unwillingness to spend active protest work. the group of mister Barashkova has refused to support idea of pickets on February, 23rd and has forbidden to use symbolics of the TIGER on protest meeting on February, 28th - one of oppositionists Artem Samsonov was indignant. Alexander Barashkov, in turn, objected that small weekly protest actions in what will not result, and people only will be tired of them. There were disputes and round coordination council structure. At meeting the idea to generate new supervising body - on one person from each informal command of active workers (now them in Vladivostok five) has sounded. After long skirmish the majority has voted for coordination council formation by this principle, however when council will be chosen in new structure, it is not known.

Such division only on a hand to the authorities which want to put protest movement under the control, - was declared by mister Barashkov. - the power can and to create 30 initiative groups, and it will lead to capture of the TIGER . Mister Samsonov, in turn, has assumed that the authorities manipulate present coordination council. It has reminded that the regional administration authorised to mister Barashkovu automobile race on streets of Vladivostok on March, 15th, but simultaneously this day the TIGER and the Communist Parties of the Russian Federation are going to spend obshchekraevoj protest meeting on a central square. bifurcation will lead to dispersion of forces and mass character decrease - mister Samsonov has noted. Participants of the conflict converge while only that the protest action on March, 15th where requirements of resignation of the government and the regional authorities again will sound, should become the most numerous this year.

split does not surprise me, because the unification in the TIGER and was not. It is faster a party which initiators on - former remain in the shadow, - has declared the head of the organisation of motorists the Freedom in choosing Vyacheslav Lysakov. - I Think that this bubble will burst: on one protest actions they cannot far leave . Such organisation as the TIGER, it is necessary to Russia, is a necessary part of a civil society, - the head of Federation of automobile owners of Russia Sergey Kanaev argues. - But besides impracticable slogans about government resignation it is necessary also konstruktiv, and it is not present... .

, Vladivostok; ANDREY - KOZENKO