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Competitive operating (the organizer of the auctions) 07. 04. 09 in 11. 00 to the address: Belgorod, street October, d. 46, of. 84, t./ f.: (4722 333 - 450, holds the auctions in the form of open competition on property sale SPK Truth (Kursk region, Bolshesoldatsky r - n, with. B.Soldatsky, street Cooperative, 134), the auctions are spent by rules of the auctions on increase, the Prize 1 : the Building of reception of milk obshch. ploshch. 78,3 sq. m. (lighted.), the Dining room obshch. ploshch. 157,7 sq. m., (lighted.), the Warehouse obshch. ploshch. 34,6 sq. m., the MANAGER - 10, the MANAGER - 40 (2 pieces) ; nach. The prize price - 254000 rbl. the Order of registration of participation in the auctions: application - with 9. 00 to 17. 00 on a venue of the auctions to 02. 04. 09, with the appendix of the documents confirming entering of the deposit, and also for jur. Persons - notarially certified copies will found. Documents, the document confirming powers and the person of the Applicant; fiz. To persons - the document proving the identity. An auction step - 5 %, the deposit - 10 % from the initial price of a prize. The deposit to bring on r/ with SPK Truth 40702810216000003629 in branch of Open Society Bank VTB Belgorod, an INN 4602000453, BIK 041403757, to/ with 30101810400000000757, to 02. 04. 09. With property characteristics gets acquainted on a venue of the auctions. The winner the person who has offered the greatest price for a prize admits. Summarising - in day of the auctions, on a venue of the auctions. The conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale - within 10 days, payment - 100 % within 30 days from the date of summarising of the auctions on r/ with, specified above. In a case if the auctions will not take place, the repeated auctions with similar conditions will be spent 07. 05. 09 in 11. 00, demands acceptance and entering of inclinations - to 02. 05. 09.