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the Decision of Arbitration court of Moscow from December, 16th, 2008 on business นภ40-72363/ 08-95-245 “ “ joint-stock commercial bank “ Russian Banking house “ (the closed joint-stock company) (Bank “ Russian Banking house “ (Joint-Stock Company) (further - Bank), registration น2686, registered to the address: 115035, Moscow, street Sadovnichesky, d. 63 p. 7, it is recognised by insolvent (bankrupt). Functions of the competitive managing director are assigned to the state corporation “ Agency on insurance of contributions “ (further - Agency), located to the address: 109240, Moscow, the Top Tagansky deadlock, d. 4.

Agency, according to item 12-15, 17, 18, 72, 73 Federal laws “ About an inconsistency (bankruptcy) “ item 50. 22, 50. 25, 50. 27 Federal laws “ About an inconsistency (bankruptcy) of the credit organisations “ Notifies that the first meeting of creditors of Bank (further - meeting) will take place on March, 17th, 2009 in 12. 00 to the address: Moscow, street Pavlovsk, d. 8, “ Officers` Club of command of a special purpose “.

the Agenda: (1) about the statement of an order of conducting the first meeting of creditors of Bank; (2) about formation of committee of creditors of Bank and definition of its quantitative structure; (3) report on activity competitive operating Bank with the information on a financial condition of Bank and its property; (4) about definition of the competence of committee of creditors of Bank; (5) about election of committee-men of creditors of the credit organisation (under the offer of creditors); (6) about definition of term of representation by competitive managing director to meeting (committee) of creditors of Bank of reports; (7) about the statement of the estimate of planned expenses (expenses) for carrying out of actions for competitive manufacture for the period after the first meeting of creditors of Bank.

the Questions of the agenda provided by items of item 6 and 7, are offered for consideration by meeting in case the committee of creditors will not be formed.

in meeting, according to the Federal law “ About an inconsistency (bankruptcy) “ and the Federal law “ About an inconsistency (bankruptcy) of the credit organisations “ with a vote competitive creditors and the authorised bodies which have declared the requirements till January, 19th, 2009 participate.

registration of participants of meeting will be carried out on March, 17th, 2009 in a venue of meeting with 10. 00 and till the moment of announcement of results of voting by last question of the agenda.

for registration of the person as the participant of meeting with a vote it is necessary to present: (1) document proving the identity of the creditor (its representative); The power of attorney on the representative of the creditor (if the representative) with power instructions on participation in meeting and voting by questions of the agenda of meeting, and also the document confirming powers of the person, signed the power of attorney (for the legal person operates), the documents confirming powers of the head of the legal person (in case of its participation in meeting); (2) notice in writing directed by Agency to the creditor, of entering of its requirement declared till January, 19th, 2009 (inclusive), in the register of requirements of creditors, or the notice in writing directed to the creditor by acting administration on management by bank about entering of its requirement in the register of requirements of creditors, declared in acting administration activity; (3) original documents confirming validity of requirements of the creditor if these requirements are included in the register on the basis of copies of documents.

the representative of workers, and also the representative of founders (participants) of Bank have the right to participate In meeting without a vote. These persons represent the document proving the identity, and the document confirming powers on participation in meeting for registration. Originals or copies of the specified documents are transferred to the registrar.

acquaintance with materials to meeting are made by its participants during registration.