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the Competitive managing director informs on carrying out 09. 04. 2009 in 14. 00 local times to the address: the Barrow, street of the Dzerzhinsky, 40, open auctions in the form of competition on property sale MUP Petuhovsky housing and communal services . (The Kurgan region, Petuhovo, street October, 11) a uniform prize 1 :

the Change house, Garage And - 1, Garage And - 3, Garage And - 4, the Warehouse iron, the Warehouse rublenyj, the Warehouse (1+2), Building shop, Garage And - 2, the Boiler-house, the Power-saw bench, Scales, EK - 400, the Microscope of MIKMED KFK - 3-01, the Photometer photo-electric KFK - 3-01, Copper KTF - 1. The initial price of a prize - 1641510 roubles. The deposit on a prize - 10 %. The Indispensable condition of participation in competition is the duty of the buyer to contain and provide use and property operation according to its special-purpose designation. To participation in the auctions are supposed jur. And fiz. The persons who have submitted the competitive offer in the sealed and intact envelope and issued demand of the established sample with the appendix of the original document about payment of the deposit, and also documents with their inventory, fiz. Persons a passport copy, jur. Persons notarially certified copies of constituent documents with changes, sv - in EGRJUL, sv - in about statement on the account in tax department, the power of attorney (at application by the authorised representative). The deposit is listed on r/ with MUP Petuhovsky housing and communal services : 4516008480, 451601001, r/ with 40702810032100000584, to/ with 30101810100000000650, BIK 043735650 in Kurgan OSB 8599, the Barrow. A payment function: the deposit for participation in the auctions on a prize 1. Acquaintance with characteristics of objects about MUP Petuhovsky housing and communal services . The winner the buyer who, according to a commission estimation, has offered the best conditions on maintenance of target use of property admits. The report on results of the auctions subscribes in day of their carrying out. The conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale within 5 days from the date of tendering. In default the winner of the auctions from signing of the contract of purchase and sale the deposit does not come back. Term of payment of got property no more than 30 days from the date of competition summarising. Demands acceptance, acquaintance with competition conditions, dop. The information - with 09. 00 to 16. 00 local times from the date of publication to 08. 04. 2009 to the tendering address. Ph./ a fax: (3522 579735.