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They also are glad

In “ the Cherbourg umbrellas “ the enamoured do not talk, and sing, and it looks rather plausibly. And in real life anybody would not be surprised, if the presents enamoured have started talking, for example, verses. Such as at the young Block: “ And again your sweet twilight, love “. Love is valuable the extremity, possibility povtorenja, possibility of it “ again “. The feeling where is more important, than its object.
1. The happiness to be enamoured

That love - happiness as - that even is too obvious. Here in “ the Cherbourg umbrellas “ the enamoured do not talk, and sing, and it looks rather plausibly. And in real life anybody would not be surprised, if the presents enamoured have started talking, for example, verses. Such as at the young Block: “ And again your sweet twilight, love “. Here all words - with sweet all all clearly, but a word " are important; again “ not less significantly. Love is valuable the extremity, possibility povtorenja, possibility of it “ again “. The feeling where is more important, than its object. Odri Hepbern in a film “ the Charade “ every time as the attractive employee of FBI represented by him changes a name and a legend falls in love in Kerri of the Grant as though anew. In the end “ Charades “ business goes to marriage, and it is a pity. Love where is more charming. Besides on women a condition “ it is a little bit enamoured “ Lizzi Bennet from " operates tonizirujushche, not without reason; Pride and a bias “ so it is flashingly witty, while it is simply not indifferent to Mr. Darsi. When love is replaced by serious feeling, all becomes more boring. However, and love, appears, it is possible to transform into an arduous toil - as in the Soviet film “ It is enamoured at own will “. But it, probably, is connected with excesses on places.

2. The family happiness

Exists rather influential opinion that the woman for this purpose and is intended. The husband, children, daily routine - can, and dullish, but granting confidence that and is necessary that on - to another simply cannot be. By the way, with such boredom it is easily possible to struggle. For example, having increased quantity of children. Each of them - be assured - will allow to light on - to a miscellaneous. As in a known Soviet film “ Once twenty years later “ where Natalia Gundareva has played mother - the heroine which life on favour of children simply abounds with events and even adventures. In other, not Soviet circumstances children, the fact of a family, special atmosphere of the family house appeared pledge of the high secular status. On family happiness people are flied as the butterfly on light. It did such attractive holidays of a family of Rostovyh in the beginning “ Wars and peaces “ also caused desire to join the weakened beach life of a family the Diver in “ Night is gentle “ Fitzgerald. And still neubiennyj though also the banal argument in favour of family happiness - is together more cheerful. Even to monsters, such as members of family Adams.

3. The happiness to be free and independent

For last years sixty it trudnodostizhimoe when - that happiness became a widespread kind of the female device of life - as, for example, at heroines “ Sex in a big city “. Now, to understand a sharpness of such sensation, it is necessary to peer into the past. As John Faulz in “ to the Woman of the French lieutenant “ or Antonija Bajett in the novel “ to Possess “ in much repeating binding our time with the Victorian epoch the device faulzovskogo the best seller. To us today`s it is difficult, and sometimes even it is impossible to understand, what fragile substance was when - that female freedom. What small distance separated the woman independent of the woman of the fallen, and after all for this reason Jane Ejr built round itself such bastions from chastity and pity guvernantskogo salaries. Today it is much easier to consider all that then was a question first of all public, concerning positions of the woman in the world, in a plane emotional. Caring about smotribelnosti, Martin Scorsese has translated the conflict “ innocence Epoch “ Edit Uorton in a zone of almost exclusively feelings. And after all this book in general - that is executed the social criticism. So today on - to the present the free woman should not depend on the man emotionally - as Penelopa Krus in “ Returning “ Almodovar. It not only kills the husband, she also absolutely about it does not worry.

4. Happiness to throw all

Here in any sense all it is similar to the previous point. When - that the women daring all to throw, seemed potrjasatelnitsami bases. Not only in those already absolutely far times when Anna Karenina threw the son (both the husband, and all the rest) for the sake of love. And Daniel Deronda`s mother from the novel George Eliot threw the son (both the husband, and all the rest) like for the sake of an opera scene, but on - to the present for the sake of freedom. Then - and there is nothing to speak. But even in the middle of the XX-th century, when threw at last - that the arranged life (both the husband, and its children, and all the rest) thought up by Truman Kapote Lula Mej Barns, lodged in New York under Holl Golajtli`s name and incarnate Odri Hepbern. Or when the heroine of the novel of Michael Kanningema " left the husband and children; Hours “ played Stephen Daldri Dzhuliannoj Moore`s screen versions, - even then it was unusually courageous. Now - in real life, - to throw everything, it is not necessary to any social boldness. Only the emotional. And procedure of throwing of all became the comfortable and flavoured notarial details. Probably, therefore this kind of happiness as - that has grown dull.

5. The happiness to be with the girlfriend

very special thing and though and possessing the lesbian smack, completely not not duplicating the lesbian novel. The girlfriend more abruptly mistresses. With love all is clear, and friendly, more truly, podruzheskie relations - they are more thin and it is more difficult. That occurs between close girlfriends is, of course, passion. Simply another and, probably, even its more raised kind. And if in old novels the ardent female friendship was considered as a harbinger of other ardency, and good girlfriends in general - that should help to find each other the husband (dikkensovskaja Ester Sammerson herself directs favourite to the Hell to Richard`s embraces) now separateness, osobost devochkinskih relations understands with special fixedness. It turns out sometimes sredne, as in the novel of Fenni Flegg “ Fried green tomatoes “ and the film removed on it. And sometimes - it is amazing. As in “ Telme and Louise “ Ridley Scott - the film which has become by the initial image of female friendship which is stronger than death.

6. Happiness in work

In the end of a cult branchy cranberry 1980 - h - Mike Nikolsa`s film “ the Working girl “ - we see Melani Griffit in a strict grey suit behind office table. The chamber leaves on street, and we understand, where there is this table - on the top floor of a skyscraper, there, where heads offices. Heppi, heppi, a happy end.

and we in general - that agree. To be the chief is cool. There is in it a lot of sexual, even a sado-maso (though in general - that only sado). Classical novels which almost all are written by men, described career women karikaturno more often, what not that that is noble if to mean that the present work, without speaking about career, then for the woman and so was almost unattainable. But all the same Dickens has thought up comical Mrs. Dzhellibi, and Chekhov with constant and distinct neglect described women, which can think at least of working, having made an exception unless for the heroine of the late story “ the Bride “. In 25 years after Chekhovian “ the bride “ has left the groom and the parent house, the heroine “ Manhattan “ John Dos Passosa was engaged in career more than love, and in the end of a narration it appeared main redaktorshej clever female magazine. By the way, the journalism of any sort is offered since then to us almost as the main field of originally female career. Like it is the present work, and here it is possible on - for the present to succeed, and on a course to prove, as it is peculiar to the woman, the stinker. So embodying the rigid world of a glamour the heroine Μεπθλ the Strip from “ the Devil carries Prada “ and embodying the rigid world of television heroine Fej Danauej from a film of Sidni Ljumeta “ the Television network “ - practically sisters. A difference only that the film of Ljumeta is much better.

7. The happiness to achieve the power

Over people, over money, over men. Together and separately.

Lady Makbet, Catherine the Great, Skarlet About ` Jara, madam de Pompadur, Tsy Si - the concubine who has become by the autocratic empress of Heavenly Empire, Sharon Stone in the first “ the Basic instinct “ the Medea, Nell Gvin, Evita Peron, queen Elizabeth I, Salomeja, duchess Sen - Severin, Condoleeza Rice, Cleopatra in Pushkin “ the Egyptian nights “ M from films about James Bond, the TV presenter and businesswoman Martha Stewart, the Floor-mat of Hari and still Belief Maretsky in a film “ the Member of the government “ and Ljubov Orlova in a film “ the Light way “...

8. Happiness in art

One of the best shots, when - or embodied on a film: mad Norm Desmond (Gloria Svenson) from “ Parkway Sanset “ going down on a long ladder in embraces of policemen with handcuffs, she thinks that the main scene in its new film acts in film. Happiness again to play has eclipsed for the actress all - an old age, change of the lover, just perfect murder. Such upoennost creativity why - that it is peculiar to women much more, than to men. To be forgotten in art, to be forgotten by art (or not absolutely art; for example, to write female novels, as the heroine “ the Flower of my secret “ Almodovar). To leave all and to merge with fine - “ to become a song and destiny “. From this ahmatovskogo poems, by the way, it turns out that became - that just because “ it “ in due time “ did not take with itself “. Having told “ and “ it is necessary to tell “ ts “ - and to remember Tsvetaeva questioning the former lover, dared to marry: “ How is to you with truhoju? “ Say it it, say, on kitchen - there would be an ugly hysterics, and so - remarkable verses. And bright pictures Fridy Kalo if all that there is drawn, she in words stated to ladies` man Diego to Rivera would be the same female hysterics.

here here that is important - verses and pictures for all these women where it is more important than lovers.

9. The happiness in self-sacrifice

In it is special sweet - in sacrificing itself. To the beloved - as Ingrid Bergman marrying the disgusting fascist for the sake of working successes tsereushnika Kerri of the Grant in hichkokovskoj “ to Ill fame “. To the favourite sister - as Elinor in “ Reason and feeling “ Jane Austen or Tatyana Doronin in a film “ Elder sister “. Or to all mankind - as tries to make Nicole Kidman in “ Dogville “ Larsa a background of Triera. The self-sacrifice of Kidman leads to human victims. But it is not important - the happiness in this case brings not result, and process.

10. Happiness in misfortune

it is possible to revel in the Grief. Ostavlennost it is possible to transform into meaning of the life - as the viscountess de Bosean from “ the Left woman “ Balzac. From violations of the lover it is possible to arrange the special attraction which charm is clear only to you, - as thrown under feet to Byron Karolina Lem. Both present, and played by Saroj Majlz in the well-known film especially popular in due time in Soviet Union. Intensive neschastnost in general great force - enduring it, inevitably you feel that to you there is something important. That you - unusual on anybody not similar, and such sensations in many respects also make female happiness.