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The house instead of apartment

would Seem, paradox: mortgage crisis does not mention a segment of buyers which are going to get a country estate. Meanwhile now even the builders really conducting building, remove delivery terms. Despite it, investments in country real estate can be more interesting, than apartment acquisition in the many-storeyed house.
liquidity above “ Today in the market of Kazan there are non-realised 70 % of apartments in new buildings. I think that in the conditions of the burst economic crisis many-storeyed building should sustain a rigid competition for the buyer with low country projects which in the conditions of crisis are more liquid as risks “nezavershenki“ " are lowered; - general director GK " speaks; Timber “ Nelli Gajnutdinova.

At the same time “ the goods the person “ builders can show to the buyer not all. From three tens civil-engineering designs of cottage settlements in Tatarstan, announced couple of years back, last year motions were observed approximately in half of cases.

near Kazan cottage settlements where to the buyer can suggest to get already ready house under the purchase and sale contract, it is possible to count on fingers. Building of infrastructural objects which actually also create the comfortable inhabited environment in suburban settlements, as a rule, lags behind a housing estate. “ when we speak about an infrastructure, the infrastructure municipal first of all means. Social and #8239; - kindergartens, schools, polyclinics and #8239; - while fades into the background “ - Arthur Nikolays underlines the vice-president of TPP RT.

“ the further development of the organised country building in many respects will depend on active participation of local authorities. Otherwise low building can turn back for Kazan a transport collapse under the Moscow scenario or degeneration of country settlements from - for absence here a high-grade social infrastructure “ - tells Nelli Gajnutdinova.

we Consider houses Now in vicinities of Kazan it is declared an order of ten settlements which are at different stages of building, including a little (“ Gold keys “ “ pjatidvore “ “ the Green Dale “) and #8239; - on initial.

the first project on which the system of the centralised country cottage settlements has started to be run in, is “ Country club “ on a direction “ Kazan - a Zelenodolsk “ it is built by Mortgage agency RT. “ the Complex is located in a Zelenodolsk area, on territories of 66 hectares and is divided into three zones:„ The house-keeper “,“ business “and“ elite “. Average cost of one cottage, including the ground area with the centralised communications brought to it, makes 6,5 million roubles. The average size of a site and #8239; - 12 hundred parts, the area of a cottage and #8239; - 170 sq. m. In December, 2006 the first stage of“ Country club “and #8239 has been handed over; - 83 houses. Terms of realisation of the second turn of the project are planned for December, 2009. Now the complex first stage is enclosed by a fence, protection points are equipped, there are good access roads. The shop is almost completed, the park zone, a children`s playground and summer cafe are equipped. In plans also kindergarten building - schools.„ The country club “became the first the centralised low complex where all houses are sustained in uniform architectural style “ - have informed in a press - service IART.

the Project “ the Green Dale “ means creation of the whole city - the companion between Kazan and a Zelenodolsk. In territory in 1379 hectares within the limits of the national project “ Accessible both comfortable habitation and #8239; - to citizens of Russia “ the complex building solving problems of housing security, power supply, dorozhno - transport and social infrastructures should be spent. Plans are ambitious: 4,14 million in sq. m inhabited and 0,5 million in sq. m of uninhabited premises, creation of additional 30 thousand workplaces and a condition for constant residing of 101 thousand persons. At the first stage it is planned to construct a kindergarten and comprehensive school on 75 and 450 places, on the second and #8239; - 11 kindergartens, two elementary schools - a garden, comprehensive schools on 2,3 thousand pupils.

Near to “ Country club “ on zelenodolskom a direction there is a cottage settlement “ Orehovka “. The First stage from 90 houses and #8239; - settlement “ East Orehovka “ it is entered in the summer of 2006. As have explained in the company “ the Unisystem “ settlement building " is now conducted; Western Orehovka “ 120 houses are close to end, delivery is planned for the second quarter of this year, communications are connected to ready houses. Are realised both ready, and under construction houses from 116 to 186 sq. m, with garage and without, at the price on the average 40 thousand rbl. for sq. m of the area. Building of 150 more houses should begin by the autumn. From an infrastructure in settlement athletic fields, shop and a drugstore are assumed.

“ the Kazan manor “. In cottage settlement nearby to village Davlikeevo for today under a roof 110 houses which it is planned to hand over in September of this year are got. Cottages of three types and #8239 are offered; - 175, 220 and 500 sq. metres, with sites accordingly on 9, 12, and 20 hundred parts. Cost of sq. metre and #8239; - 42 thousand rbl., the price of a cottage with garage and the earth from 8 million 200 thousand rbl. In the central part of settlement is supposed fitness - the centre, artificial lake and a children`s playground, and also and #8239; - shop, branch of bank and other objects of an infrastructure around entrance. With the second turn which plan to construct in 2010, in settlement there should be a kindergarten.

the settlement first stage “ Iridescent “ which has been handed over in December of last year, includes 31 house the area from 250 to 450 sq. m, mainly from the Siberian larch with a site on the bank of Volga in settlement Vasilevo. The second turn from 32 houses, also from the Siberian larch, will be presumably begun in September. Some ready houses, at the price from 8 to 12 million, still are on sale.

settlement “ Country estate “ it is located on 11 and #8209; the m kilometre of a line Orenburg - Kazan also is positioned as elite. The price of sq. metre from 75 to 90 thousand rbl. In territory of 24,7 hectares 183 houses should be constructed. The first stage from 65 houses should be finished this year. The infrastructure includes, besides platforms for playing sports, the medical centre, a drugstore and the multipurpose public centre a kindergarten with a class of elementary school which it is supposed to hand over with the second or third turn of settlement.

a total area of territory of building of a housing estate “ Light “ villages close Kujuki of Pestrechinsky area of Republic Tatarstan and #8239; - 500 hectares. The project provides erection 4,5 thousand one - and two-storeyed bystrovozvodimyh houses the house-keeper - a class till 2015. In 2007 the pilot starting complex from 27 houses by a total area of 6200 sq. m. the Area of houses from 160 to 300 sq. is placed in operation M, pridomovogo the ground area and #8239; - 9,5 hundred parts, cost in 1 sq. m of habitation in the summer of 2008 made from 17 to 21 thousand rbl.