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The Altay banker have found at road

In Barnaul till 10 days check of circumstances of  destruction of the former Impeksbank of Alexander Djakova operating local branch is prolonged. A body of the banker with the opened veins last Sunday have found out in salon of its own car standing at a line near of a city. According to the preliminary version of the investigation, mister Djakov has committed suicide. However relatives not especially trust in a suicide of the banker: rezanye wounds have been found out not only on veins of hands, but also on a neck.
the investigatory department across Barnaul investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor (SKP) the Russian Federation has prolonged till 10 days check of circumstances of death eks - operating branch “ Barnaul “ Impeksbank (enters into group “ rajffajzen “) 60 - summer Alexander Djakova. According to Office of Public Prosecutor of the Central area of Barnaul, on March, 27th mister Djakov has not come to spend the night home, and its relatives have addressed in militia. There upon disappearance have opened search case. As has informed the senior assistant administrator of investigatory management SKP the Russian Federation across Altay territory Olga Chesnokova, on Sunday the corpse of mister Djakova has been found out in its own car of Subaru Forester. The foreign car of the banker, three days staid in a forest belt in 200 m from a brisk line, has become familiar to the driver “ Gazelles “ whose route lay nearby, - he and has informed in militia.

on the medicolegal investigation conclusion, mister Djakov has died from blood loss: on both wrists of the dead veins have been opened. There were deep cuts and on cervical veins. Under the preliminary version, it has been made by the knife which has been found out near to a corpse. The consequence is inclined to consider that suicide took place. However, in the car and in clothes of the victim of an agonal note it was revealed not. However, as Tatyana Ponomareva has told the senior inspector, in favour of the suicide version says that expensive things (a case with documents, a man purse with cash) have not been stolen. The order in car salon, a glove compartment reigned.

inspectors should find out, in what mental condition there was mister Djakov on the eve of  destruction. Near relations of the victim are not interrogated yet: they have asked some days in connection with the organisation of funeral (the banker will be buried today on the Mihajlovsky cemetery of Barnaul). According to madam Ponomarevoj, examination of traces of a smell of a knife, dactyloscopic - the fingerprints which have been found out outside and in the car is appointed odorologicheskaja.

relatives of the lost banker do not believe that Alexander Djakov could commit suicide. As the brother of the victim Vladimir Djakov has told, that was the person “ Cheerful and cheerful “ “ an old school “: earlier the banker worked as the first secretary of the October district committee of the CPSU, the second secretary of the Barnaul city town committee of party where supervised the industry, in Altay krajkome. Then has left in business, held responsible posts in the commercial enterprises, and in the beginning 2000 - h years him have invited the director of local division of Impeksbank. In November, 2007 it has left at own will, truth, motives of dismissal operating branch to its workers, as they said, are not known. As have informed native the victim, from “ holders it has not dropped out “ also carried on negotiations for opening in region of branch Communication - bank, but plans have not been realised. Under stories of relatives, the banker never complained of health, there were no at it troubles in a family. Confuses them that wounds have been found out not only on hands of the victim, but also on a neck.