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The turkey was ruined by devaluation

the Krasnoyarsk company the Siberian province (enters into group ALPI) has refused cultivation of a turkey on an integrated poultry farm Jasnogorsky in the Kemerovo region. Sharply grown of - for falling of rouble expenses on purchase of import forages and other production, and also consumption reduction have made manufacture unprofitable. To return to the enterprise profitableness the Siberian province plans, having developed manufacture on it heavy (with the increased term of cultivation) a broiler.
an integrated poultry farm Jasnogorsky has been created the Siberian province on the basis of the closed factory Kamyshinsky . Manufacture of a turkey on it has been begun in September, 2006. According to ALPI, Jasnogorsky has capacities on 1,5 thousand manufacture t meat (in lethal weight) in a month, it is equipped by the feeding equipment of German firm Big Dutchman, a line on company Stork slaughter (1 thousand goals at an o`clock). Besides Jasnogorsky the Siberian province grows up a turkey on an integrated poultry farm Yenisei in Krasnoyarsk. About the termination of cultivation of turkeys on Jasnogorsky since July of this year the vice-president of association ALPI Andrey Gravanov has informed. As he said, from the end of last year expenses Jasnogorsky have considerably grown from - for exchange rate growth. In the cost price of meat of a turkey a considerable part expenses on import production (make chickens, fodder additives, medicines and vitamins). According to experts of the company, purchase inkubatornogo a chicken in Poland manages in 67 rbl., fodder expenditure make 42 - 45 rbl., and medicamentous expenses - 5 - 10 rbl. on 1 kg of live weight.

Besides, as a result of appreciable falling of demand at the company stocks of frozen meat of a turkey (more than 500, not found sale were formed. According to Andrey Gravanova, it is connected by that people began to spend less than money for meal, instead of with reduction of number of trading objects of network ALPI (the company is compelled to repay for debts a part of the shopping centres to creditor banks).

Mister Gravanov asserts that the company has refused initial plans to sell for a long time a turkey only through the trading network. Nevertheless in trading networks of Kemerovo of this product on sale is not present. The representative of Joint-Stock Company System RegionMart (the chain store system largest in the Kemerovo region the Lapwing and the Glade ) Zynaida Zhuk asserts that offers from ALPI about realisation of meat of a turkey of its company did not arrive.

the general director of Institute of a conjuncture of the agrarian market Dmitry Rylko has noticed that circumstances which company ALPI, " has faced; are absolutely objective . As he said, recently manufacture of a turkey grew everywhere including in Europe, incubators behind it were not in time, from here cost growth; besides, for the manufacturer in Siberia the essential transport component " is imposed also;.

the Deputy chief of department of agriculture of administration of the Kemerovo region Anatoly Diganov has noticed that as proprietor ALPI has the right to make the decision on closing of manufacture of a turkey on Jasnogorsky though Kuzbas would like to keep this manufacture .

Instead of a turkey on Jasnogorsky cultivation and processing " have already begun; heavy Broiler - a usual chicken, but with the increased term of cultivation (60 days instead of usual 40 - 45) and respective weight (more than 3 kg). As Andrey Gravanov has explained, such specialisation is chosen because the processing equipment Jasnogorsky it is calculated on a large bird. If the factory has passed to cultivation of a usual broiler, it should to establish the new. According to vice-president ALPI, the broiler economy is more comprehensible: the chicken is made for cultivation by own incubator, and the forage, additives and medicines are much cheaper. In ALPI expect that Jasnogorsky can even increase fowl release - from 17 thousand t in a year of a turkey to 20 - 23 thousand t a broiler.